Do not slip up
If you don't care
about your safety,


BWC offers many resources to help businesses keep their employees safe. From grants to consulting services, to training and education, we're here to make safety a top priority for employers.

In 2017, we saw an opportunity to build on these efforts by helping educate Ohioans about the importance of safety. We started with the big three, slips, trips and falls; overexertion; and driving, which are responsible for more than 60 percent of major injuries in the workplace. They're also among the most frequent causes of injury in the home.

Our premise is simple. No one wants to get hurt, but safety is just not something we spend much time thinking about. Our Guardian Angels campaign, launched in 2018, uses humor to remind us we must think about our own safety. It's a mindset we have to embrace whether we're at work or at home. Simply put, if you wear your seatbelt at home, you're pretty likely to do the same thing if you drive for work.

Our guardian angels are your "Average Joe's," just trying to do their jobs. When we forget to think about our safety, we're making them work harder. Wouldn't it be great if we had our own personal guardian angel to be there so we didn't have to think about our own safety? Until we know for sure, we're urging you to err on the side of caution.

Where will you see our guardian angels? We're targeting places where our target audience is. We have a partnership with Fox Sports Ohio for advertising during sporting events, specifically, the Cavaliers, Indians, Reds and Blue Jackets. These are passionate fans that will watch their teams live and see our message. We'll also be in many minor-league ballparks. And you may see us on streaming services such as Pandora and YouTube, as well as many other sites with digital advertising.

All our messaging reminds people to be safe, and some of it gives specific tips. All of it points to this site, which has simple, practical tips for staying safe.

So, keep an eye out for our guardian angels. But more importantly, keep an eye out for your own safety. After all, if you don't care about your safety, who will?