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Group-experience-rating overview

To participate in group-experience rating, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be current on all undisputed premiums, administrative costs, assessments, fines or monies otherwise due to BWC;
  • More specifically, you must be current, not more than 45 days past the due date on any balance greater than $200 due to BWC, by the group-rating application deadline. The only exceptions are when a policy is placed into an appealed status or a BWC-approved payment plan is in place.
  • Be current on the payment schedule for any scheduled part-pay agreement you've entered into to pay premiums or assessments otherwise due BWC as of the application deadline;
  • Employers cannot have cumulative lapses in workers' compensation coverage in excess of 40 days in the past twelve months preceding the application deadline.
  • Not be a member of more than one group. If you apply for more than one group on a valid group-experience-rating application, BWC will reject you for all groups.
  • Third-party administrators must submit a list of employers who are members of each group to BWC by the required application deadline.
  • The employers within the group must be businesses that are substantially similar.
  • Each sponsoring organizationís group program must substantially improve accident prevention and claims handling. The sponsoring organization must document improvement.
  • The group must consist of at least 100 individual employers, or the combined premiums of the employers must exceed $150,000.

Once you meet that criteria, apply for group-experience rating through a trade association or other organization of which you are a governing member.

Group criteria
Groups must demonstrate a common purpose and possess proven results from safety and loss-control practices. This helps confirm that the group's loss experience will differ from an individual employer's experience.

BWC adjusts rates for groups that use experience-rating credibility tables appropriate to the employers taken as if the group was one big company. The group-experience-rating plan is an annual plan for the rating of a policy year.

Largest possible discount and average discount statistics
The maximum possible discount an employer in the group-experience-rating program may receive is 53 percent.

Marketing a discount greater than 53 percent is a violation of Ohio law. BWC may take action against a sponsoring association that provides inaccurate quotes. Should you receive any copies of materials that provide discounts exceeding 53 percent, please fax them to 614-621-5799.

Employers joining the group-experience-rating program through the Grow Ohio Incentive Program may be eligible to receive up to 53 percent discount for the remainder of the policy year.

Group-experience-rating sponsors
Organizations choosing to sponsor groups must be certified by BWC. Please review the following links to obtain more information regarding sponsor certification.

Click on the following link to see a list of certified group-rating sponsors.
BWC-Certified Sponsor List: Group-Experience-Rating Program and Group-Retrospective-Rating Program
This list provides employers with the names of BWC-certified sponsors for group rating. Only organizations appearing on the list are permitted to solicit and form the groups for group rating.

Program deadlines for private and public employers
For private employers, BWC must receive applications from the group sponsors by the Monday immediately before the fourth Thursday in November preceding a policy year that starts July 1.

For public employers, BWC must receive applications from the group sponsors on or before the last business day in May preceding the policy year that starts Jan. 1.

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