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Rules, Statutes, Executive Orders and Public Hearings

This page provides access to the latest versions of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC), the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) and executive orders relative to workers' compensation. To view draft versions of proposed rules and submit comments about them, please visit our OAC Rules Under Review page.

The Register of Ohio's website includes links to public hearing notices concerning changes to BWC rules.

Note: We regularly update the OAC rules found below. However, if you cannot find what you are looking for or you notice discrepancies in anything displayed, please e-mail Aniko Nagy in BWC's Legal Division.

Ohio Administrative Code - workers' compensation rules
Chapter 1 Chapter 15
Chapter 3 Chapter 16
Chapter 5 Chapter 17
Chapter 6 Chapter 18
Chapter 7 Chapter 19
Chapter 9 Chapter 20
Chapter 10 Chapter 21
Chapter 14 Joint Agency Rules 4125
Rules under review  

Ohio Revised Code - workers' compensation statutes

Executive Order 2011-01K - Governor John Kasich's Executive Order Establishing the Common Sense Initiative

Ohio Administrative Code - workers' compensation rules
Chapter 1
4123-1-01 Notice procedure for the adoption, amendment or rescission of rules Top
4123-1-02 Method of notice of board meetings
Chapter 3
4123-3-01 Office locations; scope of rules
4123-3-02 Forms
4123-3-03 Employers' reports of injuries and occupational diseases
4123-3-05 Rescinded
4123-3-07 Applications for death benefits
4123-3-08 Preparation and filing of applications for compensation and/or benefits
4123-3-09 Procedures in the processing of applications for benefits
4123-3-10 Awards
4123-3-11 Reports of payments by self-insuring employers
4123-3-12 Rescinded
4123-3-14 Procedure in the original adjudication of non-complying employers' claims
4123-3-15 Claim procedures subsequent to allowance
4123-3-15.1 Dismissal of an application for the determination of percentage of permanent partial disability
4123-3-16 Motions
4123-3-17 Briefs
4123-3-18 Appellate procedure
4123-3-20 Additional awards by reason of violations of specific safety requirement
4123-3-21 Rescinded
4123-3-22 Inspection of claim files
4123-3-23 Limitations on the filing of fee bills
4123-3-24 Fee controversies
4123-3-25 Application for change of occupation allowance
4123-3-29 Informing the claimant of the right to representation and status of the claim
4123-3-30 Rescinded
4123-3-31 Disabled Workers' Relief Fund: claimant's payments
4123-3-32 Temporary total examinations
4123-3-34 Settlement of State Fund claims
4123-3-35 Employer handicap reimbursement
4123-3-36 Immediate allowance and payment of medical bills in claims
4123-3-36 Appendix A Appendix to rule 4123-3-36
4123-3-37 Lump sum advancements
4123-3-38 Surplus fund charge of qualified motor vehicle accident claims Top
Chapter 5
4123-5-01 Assignment of duties to the bureau's operational units
4123-5-02 Rescinded
4123-5-11 Employer's reports must be signed by officer or person in employ of employer
4123-5-13 Expenses related to the death of an injured worker
4123-5-18 Medical proof required for payment of compensation
4123-5-20 Payment of compensation when advancements are made during period of disability
4123-5-21 Abatement of claims Top
Chapter 6
4123-6-01 Definitions
4123-6-01.1 Applicability of medical rules
4123-6-01.2 Provisional treatment reimbursement approval - pilot program
4123-6-02 Provider access to the HPP - generally
4123-6-02.1 Rescinded
4123-6-02.2 Provider access to the HPP - provider credentialing criteria
4123-6-02.21 Provider access to the HPP - non-certified provider enrollment
4123-6-02.22 Provider access to the HPP ambulatory surgical center arthroplasty center requirements
4123-6-02.3 Provider access to the HPP - provider application and certification criteria
4123-6-02.4 Provider access to the HPP - provider and recertification
4123-6-02.5 Provider access to the HPP - provider not certified
4123-6-02.51 Provider access to the HPP - denial of provider, entity or MCO certification based on criminal conviction or civil action
4123-6-02.6 Provider access to the HPP - selection by an MCO
4123-6-02.7 Provider access to the HPP - provider decertification procedures
4123-6-02.8 Provider requirement to notify of injury
4123-6-02.9 Provider access to the HPP - provider marketing
4123-6-03 Rescinded
4123-6-03.2 MCO participation in the HPP - MCO application for certification or recertification
4123-6-03.3 Rescinded
4123-6-03.4 MCO participation in the HPP - MCO certification
4123-6-03.6 Rescinded
4123-6-03.7 MCO participation in the HPP - bureau's authority to decertify, to refuse, to certify or recertify an MCO
4123-6-03.9 MCO participation in the HPP - MCO disclosure of relationship
4123-6-03.10 Conflict of interest
4123-6-04 Rescinded
4123-6-04.2 Rescinded
4123-6-04.3 MCO scope of services - MCO medical management and claims management assistance
4123-6-04.4 MCO scope of services - fee bill review and audit process
4123-6-04.5 MCO scope of services - bureau claims management
4123-6-04.6 Return to work assessment
4123-6-05.1 Rescinded Top
4123-6-05.2 Employer Access to the HPP - employer enrollment and selection of MCO
4123-6-05.3 Employer Access to the HPP - certain solicitation practices by MCOs prohibited
4123-6-05.4 Employer Access to the HPP - payment for referrals prohibited
4123-6-06 Rescinded
4123-6-06.1 Employee access to medical services - education by MCO and employer
4123-6-06.2 Employee Access to the HPP - employee choice of provider
4123-6-06.3 Rescinded
4123-6-07 Services and supplies never covered
4123-6-08 Bureau fee schedule
4123-6-08 AppendixProfessional Provider medical services fee schedule
4123-6-09 Rescinded
4123-6-10 Payment to providers
4123-6-11 Rescinded
4123-6-12 Rescinded
4123-6-13 Rescinded
4123-6-14 MCO bill submission to bureau
4123-6-14.1 Records to be retained by MCO
4123-6-15 Confidentiality of records
4123-6-16 Alternative dispute resolution for HPP medical issues
4123-6-16.1 HPP medical treatment guidelines
4123-6-16.2 Medical treatment reimbursement requests
4123-6-16.3 Reimbursement of retroactive medical treatment reimbursement requests
4123-6-17 Bureau Refusal to certify or recertify, action to decertify a provider or MCO - standards and procedures for adjudication hearings
4123-6-18 Data gathering and reporting
4123-6-19 Remain at work services
4123-6-20 Obligation for submitting medical documentation and reports
4123-6-20.1 Charges for copies of medical reports
4123-6-21 Payment for outpatient medication
4123-6-21.1 Payment for outpatient medication by self-insuring employer
4123-6-21.2 Pharmacy and therapeutics committee
4123-6-21.3 Outpatient medication formulary
4123-6-21.3 Appendix A BWC outpatient medication formulary
4123-6-21.4 Coordinated services program
4123-6-21.5 Standard dose tapering schedules
4123-6-21.5 Appendix Weaning schedule, table
4123-6-21.6 First fill of outpatient medications
4123-6-21.6 Appendix First fill of outpatient medications list
4123-6-21.7 Utilization of opioids in the subacute or chronic phases of pain treatment for a work-related injury or occupational disease
4123-6-22 Stakeholders health care quality assurance advisory committee
4123-6-23 Jurisdictional principles applicable to payment of bills for medical services rendered by health care providers
4123-6-24 Rescinded
4123-6-25 Payment for medical supplies and services Top
4123-6-26 Claimant Reimbursement
4123-6-27 Treatment by more than one physician
4123-6-28 Rescinded
4123-6-29 Request for information by the treating provider
4123-6-30 Payment for physical medicine
4123-6-31 Payment for miscellaneous medical services and supplies
4123-6-32 Payment for lumbar fusion surgery
4123-6-32 Appendix What BWC wants you to know about lumbar fusion surgery
4123-6-33 Payment for health and behavior assessment and intervention services
4123-6-34 Rescinded
4123-6-35 Rescinded
4123-6-36 Rescinded
4123-6-37 Payment of hospital bills
4123-6-37.1 Payment of hospital inpatient services
4123-6-37.1 Appendix 2018 hospital inpatient services
4123-6-37.2 Payment of hospital outpatient services
4123-6-37.2 Appendix Hospital outpatient services
4123-6-37.3 Payment of ambulatory surgical center services
4123-6-37.3 Appendix Ambulatory surgical center services
4123-6-38 Payment for home health nursing services
4123-6-38.1 Payment for nursing and caregiver services provided by persons other than home health agency employees
4123-6-38.2 Payment of nursing home and residential care/assisted living services
4123-6-39 Payment for prosthetic device or other artificial appliances
4123-6-40 Payment of claimant travel expenses
4123-6-41 No legal relationship between the Industrial Commission or bureau and a health care provider
4123-6-42 Interest on late payments for equipment, materials, goods, supplies or services in State Insurance Fund, Public Work Relief Employees' Compensation Fund, Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis Fund, and Marine Industry Fund claims
4123-6-43 Payment for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators and neuromuscular electrical stimulators
4123-6-44 Bureau fees for practitioner services rendered by in-state and out-of-state practitioners
4123-6-45 Audit of providers' patient and billing related records
4123-6-45.1 Records to be retained by provider
4123-6-46 Standardized or negotiated payment rates for services or supplies
4123-6-50 Rescinded
4123-6-51 Employer participation in the QHP system - bureau certification of QHPs
4123-6-52 Employer participation in the QHP system - bureau recertification of QHPs
4123-6-53 Employer participation in the QHP system - QHP quality assurance program required
4123-6-54 Employer participation in the QHP system - QHP certification application
4123-6-55 Employer participation in the QHP system - bureau's authority to decertify, to refuse to certify or recertify a QHP
4123-6-56 Rescinded
4123-6-57 Rescinded
4123-6-58 Provider access to the QHP system - provider participation in the QHP system and other related health care program not linked
4123-6-59 Provider access to the QHP system - QHP provider selection
4123-6-60 Rescinded
4123-6-61 Rescinded
4123-6-62 Rescinded
4123-6-63 Rescinded
4123-6-64 Rescinded
4123-6-65 Payment in the QHP system - employer payment to vendor that provides medical management and cost containment services and/or QHPs
4123-6-66 Rescinded
4123-6-67 Rescinded
4123-6-68 Rescinded
4123-6-69 QHP dispute resolution process
4123-6-70 Evaluation of the QHP system by the bureau; reporting requirements by employers and QHPs
4123-6-71 Rescinded
4123-6-72 Confidentiality Top
4123-6-73 Rescinded
Chapter 7
4123-7-01 Rescinded
4123-7-02 Rescinded
4123-7-03 Rescinded
4123-7-04 Rescinded
4123-7-05 Rescinded
4123-7-06 Rescinded
4123-7-07 Rescinded
4123-7-08 Rescinded
4123-7-09 Rescinded
4123-7-10 Rescinded
4123-7-12 Rescinded
4123-7-13 Rescinded
4123-7-14 Rescinded
4123-7-15 Rescinded
4123-7-17 Rescinded
4123-7-18 Rescinded
4123-7-19 Rescinded
4123-7-20 Rescinded
4123-7-21 Rescinded
4123-7-23 Rescinded
4123-7-24 Rescinded
4123-7-25 Rescinded
4123-7-25.1 Rescinded
4123-7-26 Rescinded
4123-7-28 Rescinded
4123-7-30 Rescinded
4123-7-33 Rescinded
4123-7-34 Rescinded
4123-7-35 Rescinded
4123-7-39 Rescinded Top
Chapter 9
4123-9-01 Rescinded
4123-9-02 Rescinded
4123-9-03 Rescinded
4123-9-04 Rescinded
4123-9-05 Rescinded
4123-9-06 Rescinded
4123-9-07 Rescinded
4123-9-08 Rescinded
4123-9-09 Rescinded
4123-9-10 Rescinded
4123-9-11 Rescinded
4123-9-12 Rescinded Top
Chapter 10
4123-10-01 Definitions
4123-10-02 Procedures for accessing confidential personal information
4123-10-03 Valid reasons for accessing confidential person information
4123-10-04 Confidentiality statutes
4123-10-05 Restricting and logging access to confidential personal information in computerized personal information systems Top
Chapter 14
4123-14-01 Non-complying employers within the meaning of the law
4123-14-02 Procedures for the collection of premiums from non-complying employers
4123-14-03 Requests for Waiver of a default in the payment of premium, for approval of the original workers' compensation coverage retroactively, and for abatement of penalties
4123-14-04 Procedures to Recover from a non-complying employer the amount of money paid out of the State Insurance Fund for an industrial injury, occupational disease and/or death
4123-14-05 Settlement of liability of a non-complying employer
4123-14-06 Bureau of Workers' Compensation adjudicating committee Top
Chapter 15
4123-15-01 Code of ethics, title and rules covering
4123-15-02 Policy
4123-15-03 Standards of conduct
4123-15-04 Posting, distribution and employee acknowledgement and receipt
4123-15-05 Purpose: eliminating outside influence; producing impartiality in handling of claims and employer risk accounts and avoiding favoritism
4123-15-06 Furnishing Employees' code of ethics and rules on improper influence to representatives
4123-15-07 Representatives' responsibility relative to employees' code of ethics
4123-15-08 Remedial action against persons exercising improper influence and engaging in favoritism
4123-15-09 Prohibition against unnecessary file possession Top
Chapter 16
4123-16-01 Definitions
4123-16-02 Personal information systems
4123-16-03 Privacy officer
4123-16-05 Collection, maintenance and use of only personal information which is necessary and relevant
4123-16-06 Maintenance of personal information which is accurate, relevant, timely and complete
4123-16-07 Notice to persons asked to supply personal information
4123-16-08 Data subject's right to inspect personal information
4123-16-09 Investigation of data subject's dispute of the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of personal information
4123-16-10 Participation in interconnected or combined systems
4123-16-11 Security precautions
4123-16-12 Privacy instruction for department employees
4123-16-13 Disciplinary measures Top
Chapter 17
4123-17-01 Annual rate revision, method of adoption, effective date, publication
4123-17-02 Basic or manual rate
4123-17-03 Employer's classification rates
4123-17-03.1 Rescinded
4123-17-03.2 Experience modification cap
4123-17-04 Classification of occupations or industries
4123-17-04 Appendix National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) classification of industries
4123-17-05 Private employer industry group and limited loss ratio tables
4123-17-05 Appendix Table 1, Part A: NCCI manual classifications
4123-17-05 Appendix Table 1, Part B: Industry group
4123-17-05.1 Private employer credibility table
4123-17-05.1 Appendix A Table 1, Part A: Credibility and claim maximum value of a loss
4123-17-06 Private employer contributions to the State Insurance Fund
4123-17-06 Appendix A BWC base rates and expected loss rates effective July 1, 2018
4123-17-06 Appendix B BWC expected loss rates effective July 1, 2018
4123-17-07 Officers of corporations, elective coverage entities, and ministers
4123-17-08 Classifications according to the National Council on Compensation Insurance
4123-17-09 Clerical office payroll
4123-17-10 Excess premiums
4123-17-11 Rule of merit rating controlling the employee having but one eye, one hand, etc.
4123-17-12 Catastrophe claims
4123-17-13 Employer application for workers' compensation coverage.
4123-17-14 Reporting of payroll and reconciliation of premium due.
4123-17-14.1 Misrepresentation of payroll
4123-17-14.2 Installment payments
4123-17-14.3 Go-green rebate
4123-17-14.4 Lapse-free rebate
4123-17-15 Professional employer organization (PEO) agreements
4123-17-15.1 PEO agreements
4123-17-15.2 Registration and reporting requirements
4123-17-15.3 Rescinded
4123-17-15.4 Financial requirements
4123-17-15.5 Self-insuring PEOs
4123-17-15.6 Client employer information
4123-17-15.7 Denial or revocation of PEO registration
4123-17-16 Penalties: late payment and reporting.
4123-17-17 Auditing and adjustment of payroll reports
4123-17-18 Claim free discount
4123-17-18.1 Rescinded
4123-17-19 Employer contribution to the Marine Industry Fund
4123-17-19 Appendix A NCCI manual code/manual rate
4123-17-20 Employer contribution to the Coalworkers Pneumoconiosis Fund
4123-17-20 Appendix A Manual/rate
4123-17-22 Traveling expense
4123-17-23 Duties outside the state
4123-17-24 Other states coverage policy
4123-17-25 Military and naval service Top
4123-17-26 Minimum annual administrative charge
4123-17-27 Protest of an employer's experience
4123-17-28 Correction of inaccuracies affecting employer's premium rates
4123-17-29 Disabled Workers' Relief Fund; employers' assessments and self-insurers' payments
4123-17-30 Payroll limitations for corporate officers, sole proprietors, an individual incorporated as a corporation with no employees, members of partnerships, and family farm corporations
4123-17-31 Rescinded
4123-17-32 Self-insuring employer assessment based upon paid compensation
4123-17-33 Public employer taxing district industry group and limited loss ratio tables
4123-17-33 Appendix A Table 1, Part A - Industry group/manual classifications
4123-17-33 Appendix B Table 1, Part B - Industry group (LLR)
4123-17-33.1 Public employer taxing districts credibility table
4123-17-33.1 Appendix A Table 1, Part A - Credibility and maximum value of a loss
4123-17-34 Public employer taxing districts contribution to the State Insurance Fund
4123-17-34 Appendix A NCCI classification codes
4123-17-35 Public employer state agency contribution to the State Insurance Fund
4123-17-35 Appendix A State agency rates effective July 1, 2018
4123-17-35.1 Public employer state agency lump sum settlement program
4123-17-36 Administrative cost contribution
4123-17-37 Employer contribution to the Safety and Hygiene Fund
4123-17-38 Private employer contribution to the Premium Payment Security Fund
4123-17-40 Self-insured buy-out factors
4123-17-40 Appendix A Buy-out percentages
4123-17-41 Retrospective rating definitions applicable to any employer
4123-17-42 Eligibility for retrospective rating
4123-17-42.1 Rescinded
4123-17-43 Application for retrospective rating plan
4123-17-44 Minimum premium
4123-17-45 Initial computation
4123-17-46 Premium adjustments
4123-17-47 Final settlement
4123-17-48 Penalties
4123-17-49 Handicap reimbursement
4123-17-50 Rescinded
4123-17-51 Termination and transfers Top
4123-17-52 Parameters of the retrospective rating plan
4123-17-53 Private employer retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages
4123-17-53 Appendix A, Table A Appendix A, Table A, Tier I - Individual retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages private employer - hazard group A
4123-17-53 Appendix A, Table B Appendix A, Table B, Tier I - Individual retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages private employer - hazard group B
4123-17-53 Appendix A, Table C Appendix A, Table C, Tier I - Individual retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages private employer - hazard group C
4123-17-53 Appendix A, Table D Appendix A, Table D, Tier I - Minimum premium percentages private employer - hazard group D
4123-17-53 Appendix A, Table E Appendix A, Table E, Tier I - Individual retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages private employer - hazard group E
4123-17-53 Appendix A, Table F Appendix A, Table F, Tier I - Individual retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages private employer - hazard group F
4123-17-53 Appendix A, Table G Appendix A, Table G, Tier I - Individual retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages private employer - hazard group G
4123-17-53 Appendix B, Table A Appendix B, Table A, Tier II - Individual retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages private employer - hazard group A
4123-17-53 Appendix B, Table B Appendix B, Table B, Tier II - Individual retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages private employer - hazard group B
4123-17-53 Appendix B, Table C Appendix B, Table C, Tier II - Individual retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages private employer - hazard group C
4123-17-53 Appendix B, Table D Appendix B, Table D, Tier II - Individual retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages private employer - hazard group D
4123-17-53 Appendix B, Table E Appendix B, Table E, Tier II - Individual retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages private employer - hazard group E
4123-17-53 Appendix B, Table F Appendix B, Table F, Tier II - Individual retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages private employer - hazard group F
4123-17-53 Appendix B, Table G Appendix B, Table G, Tier II - Individual retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages private employer - hazard group G
4123-17-53 Appendix C Individual retrospective rating plan loss conversion factors private employers
4123-17-54 Public employer retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages
4123-17-54 Appendix A Appendix A, Tier I - Individual retrospective rating plan premium range minimum premium percentages public employer
4123-17-54 Appendix B Appendix B, Tier II - Individual retrospective rating plan minimum premium percentages public employer
4123-17-54 Appendix C Individual retrospective rating plan loss conversion factors public employer taxing districts
4123-17-55 Transitional work development grant and performance bonus
4123-17-56 Safety Grants programs
4123-17-56.1 Workplace Wellness Grant Program rule
4123-17-56.2 Safety council rebate incentive program
4123-17-56.3 Industry-specific safety program
4123-17-57 Premium for construction industry
4123-17-58 Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP) and comparable program
4123-17-58 Appendix Rescinded
4123-17-59 Fifteen Thousand Dollar Medical-Only Program
4123-17-60 Annuity factors
4123-17-60 Appendix A Survivor annuity factors
4123-17-60 Appendix B PTD annuity factors regular injury
4123-17-60 Appendix C PTD annuity factors occupational disease - lung
4123-17-60 Appendix D PTD annuity factors occupational disease - non lung
4123-17-60 Appendix E Orphans annuity factors
4123-17-61 Criteria for group experience rating
4123-17-61.1 Sponsorship certification requirements
4123-17-62 Application for group experience rating
4123-17-63 Eligibility for group experience rating - size criteria
4123-17-64 Group experience rate calculations
4123-17-64.1 Rescinded
4123-17-64.2 Public employer taxing district group rating break even factor
4123-17-64.2 Appendix A Public employer taxing district stratified break even factors
4123-17-65 Experience retention for group experience rate calculation purposes
4123-17-66 Termination and transfers for group experience rating
4123-17-67 Representation for group experience rating
4123-17-68 Group experience and group retrospective safety program requirements
4123-17-69 Grow Ohio Incentive Program
4123-17-70 Rescinded
4123-17-71 One claim program
4123-17-72 Deductible rule
4123-17-72 Appendix A Summary of selected deductible credits - PA
4123-17-72 Appendix B Summary of selected deductible credits - PEC
4123-17-72 Appendix C Table of classifications by hazard group PA
4123-17-72 Appendix D Summary of PA large deductible premium discounts
4123-17-72 Appendix E Table of classifications by hazard group PEC
4123-17-72 Appendix F PEC large deductible premium discounts
4123-17-73 Group retrospective rating program
4123-17-73 Appendix A Base premium factors for group retrospective rating
4123-17-73 Appendix A Base premium factors for group retrospective rating effective July 1, 2018
4123-17-73 Appendix BPublic employer taxing district basic premium factors for group retrospective rating effective Jan. 1, 2019 Top
4123-17-73 Appendix C Group retrospective loss development factors
4123-17-73 Appendix C Group retrospective loss development factors effective July 1, 2018
4123-17-73 Appendix C Group retrospective loss development factors effective Jan. 1, 2019
4123-17-73 Appendix D Standard premium size ranges
4123-17-74 Deadline dates and compatibility information for employer programs
4123-17-74 Appendix A Private Employer Program Deadlines and Miscellaneous Dates
4123-17-74 Appendix B Public employer taxing district program deadlines and miscellaneous dates
4123-17-74 Appendix C Employer program compatibility
4123-17-75 Destination: Excellence discount program
4123-17-75 Appendix Destination: Excellence discount levels
4123-17-76 Cancellation of workers' compensation coverage
Chapter 18
4123-18-01 Provision of vocational rehabilitation services
4123-18-02 Goals of vocational rehabilitation
4123-18-03 Guidelines for referral to and acceptance into vocational rehabilitation
4123-18-04 Living maintenance allowance
4123-18-05 Individualized written vocational rehabilitation plan
4123-18-06 Rescinded
4123-18-08 Payment for rehabilitation services and related expenses from the surplus fund
4123-18-09 Vocational rehabilitation provider fee schedule
4123-18-09 Appendix AVocational rehabilitation provider fee schedule preamble
4123-18-11 Incentive payments to employers who hire or retain injured workers who have completed a rehabilitation plan
4123-18-12 Rescinded
4123-18-13 Rescinded
4123-18-14 Injured workers suffering compensable injuries, occupational diseases or death while in a prescribed rehabilitation plan
4123-18-15 Rescinded
4123-18-16 Self-insuring employer's obligation to provide vocational rehabilitation services
4123-18-18 Labor-management-government advisory council
4123-18-21 Wage Loss Payments to injured workers who complete rehabilitation programs
4123-18-22 Rescinded Top
Chapter 19
4123-19-01 Definition: state risks, self-insuring risks
4123-19-02 Rescinded
4123-19-03 Where an employer desires to secure the privilege to pay compensation, etc., directly
4123-19-03.1 Waiver of certain requirements
4123-19-05 Where an employer is a self-insuring risk and desires to become a state risk
4123-19-06 Procedures for revocation of self-insuring status
4123-19-07 Rescinded
4123-19-08 Renewal of self-insuring risks
4123-19-09 In regard to complaints filed by employees against self-insuring employers under the provisions of section 4123.35 of the Revised Code
4123-19-10 In regard to audits by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation
4123-19-11 Fixing time limits beyond which the failure of a self-insuring employer to provide for the necessary medical examinations and evaluations may not delay a decision on a claim
4123-19-12 Grounds for holding public hearings to evaluate the program for self-insuring employers
4123-19-13 Self-Insuring Employers Evaluation Board
4123-19-14 Self-Insured Review Panel
4123-19-15 Assessment for Self-Insuring Employers' Guaranty Fund
4123-19-16 Self-insured construction projects Top
Chapter 20
4123-20-01 Application for Subscription to the Marine Industry Fund
4123-20-02 Subscription to the Marine Industry Fund
4123-20-03 Premium Payment
4123-20-04 Payroll reporting
4123-20-05 Payroll to be reported
4123-20-06 Audits and inspections
4123-20-07 Controversion of claims Top
Chapter 21
4123-21-01 Procedures for subscription to the Coal Workers' Pneumoconiosis Fund
4123-21-02 Determination of coverage
4123-21-03 Premium payment
4123-21-03.1 Rescinded
4123-21-04 Payroll reporting
4123-21-05 Audit and inspections
4123-21-06 Default, retroactive coverage
4123-21-07 Effect of cancelled subscription
4123-21-08 Controversion of claims Top
VSSR - Safety codes

Operation of elevators (revised 3/15/10)
Construction (revised 1/11/11)
All workshops and factories (revised 4/10/11)
Metal casting (revised 3/15/10)
Steel mills (revised 3/15/10)
Laundering and drycleaning (revised 3/15/10)
Rubber and plastic industries (revised 3/15/10)
Window cleaning (revised 3/15/10)
Fire fighting (revised 1/11/11)  

Chapter 1 - Operation of elevators
4123:1-1-01 Scope and definitions
4123:1-1-02 Certificate of operation
4123:1-1-03 Maintenance
4123:1-1-04 Operating characteristics of the elevator
4123:1-1-05 Operation of the elevator Top
Chapter 3 - Construction
4123:1-3-01 Scope and definitions
4123:1-3-02 Temporary storage and disposal
4123:1-3-03 Personal protective equipment
4123:1-3-04 Floors, stairways, railing, overhead protection and guarding of open-sided floors, platforms and runways
4123:1-3-05 Mechanical power transmission apparatus
4123:1-3-06 Motor vehicles, mechanized equipment and marine operations
4123:1-3-07 Cranes, hoists and derricks
4123:1-3-08 Ropes, chains and slings
4123:1-3-09 Roofing devices
4123:1-3-10 Scaffolding
4123:1-3-11 Ladders
4123:1-3-12 Portable explosive-actuated fastening tools
4123:1-3-13 Trenches and excavations
4123:1-3-14 Electrical conductors, wire and equipment
4123:1-3-15 Explosives and blasting
4123:1-3-16 Tunnels and shafts, caissons, cofferdams, and compressed air
4123:1-3-16 Appendix I Appendix I, decompression tables
4123:1-3-17 Cutting and welding
4123:1-3-18 Heating, ventilating and exhaust equipment
4123:1-3-18 Appendix I Occupational exposure limits (OEL)
4123:1-3-19 Demolition
4123:1-3-20 Steel erection
4123:1-3-21 Diving operations
4123:1-3-22 Woodworking machines, power saws, and other tools and equipment
4123:1-3-23 Helicopters
4123:1-3-24 Roof car suspended platforms - construction Top
Chapter 5 - All workshops and factories
4123:1-5-01 Scope and definitions
4123:1-5-02 Guarding floor and wall openings and holes
4123:1-5-03 Ladders and scaffolds
4123:1-5-04 Mechanical power transmission apparatus
4123:1-5-05 Auxiliary equipment
4123:1-5-06 Portable explosive-actuated fastening tools
4123:1-5-07 Hand tools, hand-held portable powered tools, other hand-held equipment and portable safety containers
4123:1-5-08 Power-driven saws and knives
4123:1-5-09 Woodworking machinery
4123:1-5-10 Mechanical power presses
4123:1-5-11 Forging machines, other power machines and machine tools, hydraulic and pneumatic presses, and power press brakes
4123:1-5-12 Abrasive grinding and cutting, polishing and wire buffing equipment
4123:1-5-12 Appendix Wheel types
4123:1-5-13 Motor vehicles, mobile mechanized equipment, and marine operations
4123:1-5-13 Appendix Summary table on use of industrial trucks in various locations
4123:1-5-14 Power-driven cranes and hoists
4123:1-5-15 Hoisting and haulage equipment
4123:1-5-16 Cutting and welding
4123:1-5-17 Personal protective equipment
4123:1-5-17 Appendix Eye and face protector selection guide
4123:1-5-18 Control of air contaminants
4123:1-5-19 Manlifts of the endless belt type
4123:1-5-20 Roof car suspended platforms
4123:1-5-21 Storage batteries
4123:1-5-22 Confined spaces
4123:1-5-22 Appendix Recommended procedures for confined space entry
4123:1-5-23 Electrical conductors and equipment
4123:1-5-24 Poles
4123:1-5-25 Vehicle-mounted elevating and rotating work platforms
4123:1-5-26 Trenches and excavations
4123:1-5-27 Lasers
4123:1-5-27 Appendix A Example 1 - Sample warning sign for laser use
4123:1-5-27 Appendix B Example 2 - Sample warning sign for laser use
4123:1-5-28 Helicopters
4123:1-5-29 Explosives and blasting
4123:1-5-99 Table of standard materials and dimensions
4123:1-5-99.1 Toxic concentration, flash point, boiling point, explosive limits and vapor density of common flammable and toxic liquids and gases
4123:1-5-99.2 Rescinded Top
Chapter 7 - Metal casting
4123:1-7-01 Scope and definitions
4123:1-7-02 Floors and pits
4123:1-7-03 Galleries
4123:1-7-04 Passageways
4123:1-7-05 Ladles
4123:1-7-06 Trunnions
4123:1-7-07 Scrap breakers
4123:1-7-08 Cupolas
4123:1-7-09 Crucibles
4123:1-7-10 Sand mullers and mixers
4123:1-7-11 Molds and cores
4123:1-7-12 Sandblasting
4123:1-7-13 Tumbling mills
4123:1-7-14 Chipping and grinding Top
Chapter 9 - Steel mills
4123:1-9-01 Scope and definitions
4123:1-9-02 Coke plants
4123:1-9-03 Blast furnaces
4123:1-9-04 Steel making
4123:1-9-05 Rolling operations Top
Chapter 11 - Laundering and drycleaning
4123:1-11-01 Scope and definitions
4123:1-11-02 General requirements
4123:1-11-03 Laundering
4123:1-11-04 Drycleaning Top
Chapter 13 - Rubber and plastic industries
4123:1-13-01 Scope and definitions
4123:1-13-02 Mills
4123:1-13-03 Calenders
4123:1-13-04 Other rubber and plastic processing machines Top
Chapter 17 - Window cleaning
4123:1-17-01 Scope and definitions
4123:1-17-02 Ladders
4123:1-17-03 Swinging scaffolds
4123:1-17-04 Roof car suspended platforms - window cleaning
4123:1-17-05 Boatswain's chair
4123:1-17-06 Safety belts, safety harnesses, lifelines and lanyards
4123:1-17-07 Miscellaneous requirements Top
Chapter 21 - Fire fighting
4123:1-21-01 Scope and definitions
4123:1-21-02 Personal protective clothing and equipment for structural fire fighting
4123:1-21-02 Appendix Appendix to rule 4123:1-21-02
4123:1-21-03 Personal protective clothing and equipment for wildland fire fighting
4123:1-21-04 Automotive fire apparatus
4123:1-21-05 Ground ladders
4123:1-21-06 Fire hose, couplings, and nozzles
4123:1-21-07 Fire department occupational safety and health Top
Joint Agency Rules 4125
4125-1-01 Wage loss compensation
4125-1-02 Electronic submission and acceptance of documents
4167-1-01 Definitions
4167-1-02 Rescinded
4167-1-03 Rescinded
4167-1-04 Rescinded
4167-1-05 Rescinded
4167-1-06 Rescinded
4167-1-07 Rescinded
4167-1-08 Rescinded
4167-1-09 Rescinded
4167-1-10 Rescinded
4167-1-11 Rescinded
4167-1-12 Rescinded
4167-1-13 Rescinded
4167-1-14 Rescinded
4167-1-15 Rescinded
4167-1-16 Rescinded
4167-1-17 Rescinded
4167-1-18 Rescinded
4167-1-19 Rescinded
4167-2-01 Refusal to work procedures
4167-2-02 Employee rights
4167-2-03 Rescinded
4167-2-04 Rescinded
4167-3-01 Incorporation by reference
4167-3-02 Adoption of standards
4167-3-03 Amending of existing standards
4167-3-04 Rescinded
4167-3-04.1 Amending of existing standards by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation Division of Safety and Hygiene
4167-3-04.2 Amending of standards
4167-3-05 Ohio specific safety standards
4167-3-06 Rescinded
4167-4-01 Notification to employees
4167-4-01 Appendix A Appendix to rule 4167-4-01
4167-5-01 Abatement dates
4167-5-02 Undue hardship
4167-5-03 Petition for a modification of abatement date
4167-6-01 Recording and reporting occupational injuries and illnesses
4167-6-02 Rescinded
4167-6-03 Rescinded
4167-6-04 Rescinded
4167-6-05 Rescinded
4167-6-06 Rescinded
4167-6-07 Rescinded
4167-6-08 Rescinded
4167-6-09 Records for substances required to be monitored or measured
4167-6-10 Reporting of fatality or multiple hospitalization accidents
4167-6-11 Needlestick records
4167-7-01 Variances from Ohio Public Employment Risk Reduction standards
4167-8-01 Inspection procedures
4167-8-02 Finding of imminent danger
4167-8-03 Citations
4167-9-01 Discrimination
4167-10-01 Protection of trade secrets and confidential information
4167-10-02 Required disclosure of trade secrets and confidential information to health professionals
4167-11-01 Rescinded
4167-13-01 Abatement verification
4167-14-01 Contests of citations
4167-14-02 Hearings and appeals
4167-14-03 Appeals to the court
4167-15-01 Safety partnership agreement requirements
4167-15-02 Agreement termination or suspension Top

Ohio Revised Code - workers' compensation statutes

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