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Resources and tools

How to submit the SI-7 application
BWC requires all self-insuring employers to complete the yearly renewal application online. You can complete the Application for Renewal of Authorization to Operate as a Self-Insured Policy (SI-7) here. To complete the SI-7, you must first log on with your user ID and password. If you do not have an e-account, you can set one up here. If you need assistance, please call 1-800-644-6292.

We will not accept hard-copy renewal applications.

Submitting financial statements
If you are a publicly traded company, the BWC's self-insured department can retrieve your financial statements directly from the Securities and Exchange Commission's website.

If you are a privately held company, you must submit the most current financial statements to BWC's self-insured department. You must submit this information electronically as a PDF attachment via email to BWC's self-insured department. Please include your policy number and company name as part of this submission.

Notifying BWC of company changes
Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 4123-19-03 (M) states a self-insuring employer must notify BWC within 30 days if there have been changes that may affect the administration of the program. This includes ownership changes, subsidiary additions or removals and mergers or acquisitions. Please notify BWC's self-insured department, in writing, of any changes within the required timeframe. Please do not wait until your yearly renewal to notify us of this information. However, if there are changes to the self-insured policy that BWC has not been previously notified of please include this information with your renewal materials.

Cancelling your self-insurance coverage
If your company does not plan to renew its self-insuring status, you must notify us in writing. Please note that if you still have employees operating in Ohio and cancel the self-insured policy, you will be required to obtain state-fund coverage. In addition, as a cancelled self-insured risk, you will be required to continue administration of all SI claims pursuant to OAC 4123-19-05.

If you have questions related to the renewal process, please email BWC's self-insured department.

SI-40 backup report information
In addition to reporting the required annual Report of Paid Compensation and Case Reserves SI-40 information, all employers are required to submit a backup report that supports each of the payment categories including reserves. This information assists BWC's self-insured department in validating the accuracy of the SI-40 information and determining appropriate levels of required security. If the reserve information is not included with the backup, BWC may use alternative calculations to determine the appropriate level of security.

You should submit this backup report annually in addition to the SI-40 report you submit online. We request that you submit this backup report via email to BWCSIAuditing@bwc.state.oh.us. Please review the instructions below regarding specific information to include in the report.

  • In the subject line of your email, include the policy number with the SI-40 Backup Report as the subject (example - policy 2000#### YEAR SI-40 Backup)
  • This report should, at a minimum, provide the following information:

    1. Payment category (example - temporary total, wage loss, permanent total, etc.);
    2. Individual payments within each category, with date of payment, check number and amount;
    3. Total paid for each category (this amount should equal the reported amount on your SI-40);
    4. Grand total combined from all payment categories.

You can view an example here.

If you have questions related to this request, please email BWC's self-insured department.

Self-insuring workshops
The BWC self-insured department is hosting workshops for self-insuring employers or their authorized representatives. Each workshop covers a specific topic(s) relevant to the administration of your self-insurance program. You can download the PowerPoint slides for any of the previous workshops here.

Self-Insurance Quarterly Workshop - February 2018
Wage calculation, SI-40, SI Assessments, Overturned Claims reimbursement
PowerPoint slides

Self-Insurance Quarterly Workshop - May 2017
PowerSuite Complaints - February 2017

Self-Insurance Quarterly Workshop - September 2017

Self-Insurance Quarterly Workshop - May 2017
PowerSuite Complaints - February 2017

Fraud - September 2016
Assessments and H.B. 207 - September 2016
PTD, Wages and Overpayments - April 2016

Claims Management - October 2015
ICD-10 Coding Requirements - September 2015
Overpayments, Recovery and Contested Claims - July 2015
SI-40 Reporting Requirements - February 2015

Asssessments and Security - October 2014
Back to Basics - March 2014

ICD-10 - July 2013
ICD-10 Auditing for Prosthetics - July 2013
Permanent Total Disability - March 2013

Re-orientation - September 2012

SI newsletter

Edition Download/Print
February 2018
Edition Download/Print
November 2017

Self-insured online tutorial
BWC's self-insured department has developed an online tutorial for the self-insuring community. The purpose of this tutorial is to make relevant information related to the administration of a self-insured program available to new employers or new self-insured administrators. However, the tutorial is available to any self-insuring employer or authorized representative.

You can find instructions on accessing the tutorial here. To access the tutorial, you must log in to the BWC Learning Center. If you are a new user of the learning center, you must create an account. You'll need an active policy number to do so.

If you have questions, please email BWC's self-insured department.