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Scheduled compensation payment

Injured workers, employers, surviving spouses, dependents and their designees can view scheduled compensation payment information online. The following types of compensation payments can be viewed online:

  • TT: temporary total.
  • PP: permanent partial.
  • %PP: percentage of permanent partial.
  • LM: living maintenance.
  • WL: wage loss.
  • LMWL: living maintenance wage loss.
  • PTD: permanent total disability.
  • LSS: lump sum settlement.
  • LSA: lump sum advancement.
  • DWRF: Disabled Workers' Relief Fund.
  • DLS: Disabled Workers' Relief Fund lump sum.
  • VSSR: Violation of a Specific Safety Requirement.
  • TP: temporary partial.
  • CO: change of occupation.
  • FD: facial disfigurement.
  • DTH-CHILD: death benefits paid to surviving child.
  • DTH-WIDOW: death benefits paid to surviving spouse.

The following scheduled payment information is viewable online:

  • Name of the party the check is made payable to.
  • Address where the check will be sent.
  • Type of compensation to be paid, i.e. TT, PTD, etc.
  • Beginning and ending dates for the payment period.
  • Method of payment, i.e., electronic fund transfer, mail, etc.
  • Estimated gross total of the check.
  • Scheduled payment date.
  • Weekly rate.

If you have any questions in regard to the information listed here, contact your claims service specialist.