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Claim Assignment

BWC assigns claims either to the central office in Columbus, Ohio, or to one of our local customer service offices. Claims service specialists (CSSs) within these offices manage the claims.

BWC assigns claims according to two criteria, the claim type and your home location. In general, BWC assigns medical-only claims, those in which you miss less than seven days of work due to injury, to the central office in Columbus BWC assigns lost-time claims, those in which you miss more than seven consecutive days of work due to injury, to the local customer service office closest to where you live.

The exceptions to this rule include the following:
  • BWC and Industrial Commission of Ohio employees and their immediate relatives;
  • Marine fund;
  • Black lung;
  • Public works relief employee;
  • Claims where both injured worker and employer reside outside Ohio;
  • Claims that a BWC customer service office manager determines need special handling.

BWC assigns all these claims to the central office.

You can access other specific information about your CSS including: customer service office; team number; CSS name, member number, phone number, fax number and e-mail address.

Your managed care organization (MCO) also assigns your claim to one person, your MCO case manager. The name, phone and fax numbers for your MCO case manager are also available here.

If you know your claim number, click here to access Claim assignment.