OhioBWC - Worker:  Appeal rights

Appeal information

BWC issues a written order for any decision regarding the allowance or denial of your claim. You, your authorized representative, your employer and his or her authorized representative receive a copy of the order. The order will specify whether BWC has allowed or denied your claim. It also outlines other conditions included in the decision, such as whether you are entitled to compensation due to the injury. It's important to note that if any party to the claim disagrees with any part of the decision, that party may file an appeal.

How do I file an appeal?
You, your authorized representative, your employer, his or her authorized representative or BWC may file an appeal. BWC must receive an appeal in writing. You can file an appeal with the Notice of Appeal (IC-12), or send a written document to BWC with the following pertinent information:
  • The name of the injured worker and employer;
  • The claim number;
  • The date of the order being appealed;
  • The reason for the appeal.
Also, sign and date the appeal. File the appeal by mail, fax or in person at the local BWC customer service office or the Industrial Commission of Ohio (IC).

How long do I have to file an appeal?
The time frame for filing an appeal is generally 14 days after you receive the order. The order spells out the time frames. You can appeal any BWC decision as long as it is within the appropriate time frames. Once BWC receives the appeal, we will forward the claim to the IC for a formal hearing.

Who hears my appeal and where will the hearing be held?
The IC hears all claim disputes. The IC is a separate agency that works in conjunction with BWC. It's responsible for the decision on any claim dispute. The IC will hold the hearing at the IC customer service office nearest your home. The IC will send written notice to all parties as to the time and place of the hearing, so they can attend and present evidence at the hearing. Once the hearing takes place, all parties will also receive written notice of the decision.

Additional benefits
Once your claim is allowed, BWC offers a variety of additional benefits and services. These range anywhere from requesting a change of physician to requesting additional compensation. View a complete list of the additional benefits here.

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