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Welcome to the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation

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BWC's rate reform

When our rate-reform efforts began in 2007, the purpose was to bring common sense and insurance best practices to BWC’s programs and the rates employers pay. Since then, we have taken great strides in making Ohio’s premium rates more competitive, accurate and equitable.

The following are the primary goals and results of our rate-reform efforts.

  1. Maintain stable, equitable and actuarially sound rates for Ohio employers | Results
  2. Achieve fiscally sound base rates at the lowest levels for all manual classifications | Results
  3. Offer rating programs that encourage workplace safety and allow employers to achieve lower workers’ compensation costs | Results
  4. Create an attractive environment for future business investment | Results

Now, with the foundation set by rate reform, it’s time to look to future improvements. In the coming year, you will hear more about our transition to the Split-Experience-Rating Plan, or “split plan.” The split plan is a standard used in 38 states that places more emphasis on claim frequency than claim severity when calculating an employer’s premium rates.

We will launch the split plan in July 2011. It will not affect your rates that year but will run as a “beta” version, giving us — and you — time and information to determine how this new method will affect your workers’ compensation costs. It will be put into full production and affect your rates beginning July 1, 2012. We believe the split plan will offer a more reliable and stable calculation of your risk and your premium.

The goal with the split plan, as it was with our rate reform efforts, is to help Ohio employers — the ones that are here now, and those who will be here in the future.