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Claim Information

Claim documents
Claim certification
Look up imaged documents for an individual claim file.

View and update claim certification.

Claim status
Claim history profile
Look up claim status and general claim information.

View a list of all claims associated with an SSN.
Issue tracking
Injury/illness info
Look up application status information.

View accident and occupation information.
Claim assignment
Diagnosis info
Look up claim assignment information.

View miscellaneous claim information.
View claim data
Exam information
View and update injured worker demographic information.

Look up examination information.

Return-to-work history
Claim party contacts
Check the progress and status of an injured worker's return to the workplace.

Look up contact information for all parties to the claim including the managed care organization and treating providers.

Settlement research
View notes detailing progress of your claim.

Employers, injured workers and their designees can view high-level claim information to help them make the most informed decision about whether to pursue a settlement.