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Billing and Reimbursement Manual

All BWC-certified providers should have a copy of BWC's Billing and Reimbursement Manual. The manual explains the billing procedures for medical providers, who are treating injured workers under the Health Partnership Program.

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For your convenience, you can download and print a specific chapter or the entire manual from here. To download a specific chapter, click on the chapter title. If you want to download the entire manual, click on each chapter title and download each chapter one at a time.

Future effective policies
To alert providers about upcoming changes, BWC will periodically post policies with a future effective date.

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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 - Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation System
This chapter includes information about employer types; managed care organization roles/responsibilities; provider eligibility; reporting an injury; guidelines for treatment, coding and reimbursement; and other BWC processes and procedures.
Presumptive approval guidelines
MCO standard prior authorization table
Medical documentation policy

MCO Directory

Chapter 2 - Services
This chapter includes information about practitioners, hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, outpatient medication, vocational rehabilitation, home health agencies, nursing homes and other BWC-certified provider services.
Beryllium Policy
BWC Recognition of ICD-10-CM Codes for "Pain"
Cardiac Clearance for Non-Cardiac Surgery
New Medical Technologies and Procedures

Chapter 3 - Vocational Rehabilitation Services
This chapter includes information about vocational rehabilitation services.

New/Revised/Updated Policies

Policy alerts
BWC will periodically issue policy alerts to provide further clarification on specific policies. To download the latest policy alerts, click on any of the links below.

Temporary Policy Expansions under COVID-19 emergency

BWC has developed a frequently asked questions document specifically for medical providers to address COVID-19 related issues. To download, click here


Cardiac clearance Drug screens Durable medical equipment Evaluation and management services Neurostimulators Taping vs. strapping