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OhioBWC - Provider - Service:  (ICD-9 Groups)

ICD-9 Groups

BWC arranges International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9) codes into numeric groups. An ICD-9 group is defined as an injury or condition that is similar in nature and/or involves the same body part, and can contain one or more ICD-9 codes. All codes in that group are interchangeable and can be used for both allowance and reimbursement purposes.

Download the ICD-9 Groups by clicking here.

You will need Adobe Reader to view and print the ICD-9 Groups. To download the Adobe Reader, click here and follow the instructions.

When using the ICD-9 Group document, remember:

  1. Each group is assigned an abbreviated group name corresponding to the ICD-9 chapters in the book. Each code with the same group name resides in the same group;

  2. Codes listed individually without a group name appear blank and default to the standard narrative description, and exist in a group of one;

  3. An ICD-9 code may only appear in one ICD-9 group;

  4. All ICD-9 codes are not addressed or listed; therefore, these reside in a group of one.

This document identifies the ICD-9 codes listed in the groups. It will assist you in locating any ICD-9 code within a group.

This is not the complete list of ICD-9 codes. If you want a comprehensive list, purchase an ICD-9-CM book.

If you have any questions regarding this document, contact BWC Policy & Support, at 614-728-8075.