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Become a BWC-certified provider through our enrollment and certification process

To participate in the Health Partnership Program (HPP) and to be eligible for reimbursement, medical providers must be BWC-certified.

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Complete and submit the Application for Provider Enrollment and Certification (MEDCO-13) along with all required documentation. We will review the information to ensure you meet the minimum certification criteria as defined in OAC 4123-6-02.2. Providers must meet all licensing, certification and accreditation requirements necessary to provide services. Other minimum credentials are based on provider type. If you meet all the credentialing criteria and sign the provider agreement (section 5) of the application, we'll certify you.

Not all providers are eligible to become certified. These are generally not medical providers but business or vocational plan service providers. They must complete the Application for Provider Enrollment-Non Certification (MEDCO-13A).
Note: Provider group practices enroll with this application. All BWC-certified providers, along with group practices, are listed in our Provider look-up.

Frequently asked questions
If you have additional questions not covered here, call 1-800-644-6292, and listen to the options.

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