Neoplasm related pain (acute) (chronic): ICD-9-CM Code 338.3




Pain in body part/region as a direct result of a neoplasm which is a recognized allowed condition in the claim. Pain must significantly impacts activity and requires ongoing medical treatment directed toward relief of pain. Individual may or may not have had surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or other treatment of the neoplasm. No specific difference in the claim allowance regarding acute versus chronic duration of pain.


Note: This diagnosis is a secondary diagnosis of ongoing pain symptoms attributed directly to a recognized allowed condition of neoplasm of a body part/region/organ system.




         Symptoms of pain of varying nature, intensity, and character attributed to a neoplasm that is recognized as an allowed condition in the claim.

         Treatment does not have specific time duration but optimally individual should have received some treatment focused to the neoplasm.

         May have other symptoms such as but not limited to, weakness, fatigue, decreased appetite, etc.

         Symptoms including pain should not involve multiple sites such as polyarthralgias, fibromyalgia, or systemic connective tissue diseases.




         None specific. Diagnosis is for chronic symptom of pain.


Diagnostic Tests:


         Diagnostic studies and medical records support the diagnosis of the neoplasm.