OhioBWC - Common:  Executive bios

Executive staff

Administrator/CEO - Stephanie McCloud

Chief Operating Officer - Patricia Harris

Chief Medical and Health Officer - John Annarino

Board of Directors Liaison - Joseph Bizjak

Chief Actuarial Officer - Christopher Carlson

Legislative Liaison - Andrew Conners

Chief Investment Officer - Bruce Dunn

Chief Fiscal & Planning Officer - Kevin Giangola

Chief of Claims Services - Region 1 - Patricia Harris

Chief of Medical Services - Freddie Johnson

Chief Human Resources Officer - Megan Kish

Chief of Internal Audit - David Kooser

Chief of Medical Operations - Deborah Kroninger

Chief of Strategic Direction - John Logue

Chief Information Officer - Jim McAndrew

Chief Communications Officer - Kim Norris

Chief Legal Counsel and Ethics Officer - Michaela Peterson Baumann

Chief of Division of Safety & Hygiene - Les Reel

Chief of Claims Operations Services - Ann Shannon

Superintendent of Division of Safety & Hygiene - Bernard Silkowski

Interim Chief of Employer Services - Winnie Warren

Chief of Claims Services - Region 2 - Winnie Warren

Chief Medical Officer - Dr. Brad Lewis