OhioBWC - Common: Search details

Search tips

Use search to find a topic, definition, policy, form, publication, service or program available on this Web site. A search will produce a list of results with a brief description and hyperlink for each one. The tips listed below will help you with your search.


  • Searches are not case sensitive. Use uppercase or lowercase.
  • Do not use articles, prepositions and conjunctions, such as: a, an, as, and for. Search ignores these words.
  • Do not use punctuation marks such as the period (.), colon (:), semicolon (;), and comma (,). Search ignores these.
  • Use the asterisk (*), also known as a wild card, to look for words with the same prefix. For example, enter type comp* in All of these words to find all words which begin with comp, such as, compensation, compensable, compare, compute.
  • Use the asterisk (*) in a word when you're not sure of the spelling.

All of these words
Use this field to find topics that include all of the specified words in any location.
Example: Enter occupation change for results that include both words in any order and not necessarily next to each other. Note: Do not enter articles, prepositions or conjunctions in this field as it will cause an error.

This exact phrase
Use this field to find topics that include the phrase exactly as you entered it.
Example: Enter change of occupation for results that contain this phrase and similar phrases such as, "change in occupation" and "change the occupation".

Any of these words
Use this field to find topics that include every instance of the words you entered.
Example: Enter employer MCO for results that include employer or MCO, or both.

None of these words
Note: You cannot use this field by itself. You must enter words in at least one other field described above. Use this field and one other to find topics that do not include words entered here.
Example: Enter living maintenance in This exact phrase and wage loss in None of these words for results that include living maintenance only without wage loss information.

Specifics (applicable ONLY to full-site search)

  • Search type - Set to Text, this search scans every word on the Web documents. The Keyword search scans different sets of keywords that we've identified for individual Web documents.
  • Category - Set to All, this allows you to narrow your search to a specific section of the Web site. Click the drop-down arrow to select a specific category.
  • Search by - Set to Rank, this establishes the order in which your results will appear. Rank sorts the results by relevance. Area sorts the results by sections within the Web site.