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OhioBWC - Employer - Service:  (Accounts receivable) - Self-insured accounts receivable balance

Account receivable balance and security deposit information

Accounts receivable balance information is available online. Amounts listed are either debits or credits and reflect an accumulation of current open transactions with BWC and/or the Ohio Attorney General's Office.

You can query all balance types except Total balance to see the detail of all transactions that make up those totals. When viewing balances, you also have the ability to pay them by clicking on Quick Pay, BWC's online payment system.

  • Total balance — Current total of all open transactions, including BWC, Appealed and Attorney General balances
  • BWC balance — Sum of all open transactions, excluding Appealed, Pending and Attorney General
  • Appealed balance — Amount formally disputed by an employer
  • Attorney General balance — Delinquent amount certified to the Ohio Attorney General for collection. If the Attorney General balance is paid directly to BWC, it's the employer's responsibility to contact the Attorney General's office at 614-466-0845 to pay accrued interest and to obtain a lien release, if applicable.
  • Pending balance — Payments BWC has received, but has not applied to a debit
The security deposit totals for the account are also available to view.

  • Security deposit billed - Total amount of security deposit billed, including initial deposit and any re-assessments
  • Security deposit paid - Total amount paid, up to a $1,000 limit for private state-fund employers
You'll find detailed information on security deposit transactions in the Accounts receivable transaction history service offering. menu.

Click here to view accounts receivable balance and security deposit information.

Recent business transactions may not be posted to the system. Should you have questions about a particular transaction that does not appear in Accounts receivable balance, please call 1-800-OHIOBWC, and listen to the options.