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Video library - Streaming videos

BWC has partnered with video vendor the Training Network, to offer access to a selection of online streaming videos covering a range of popular safety and human resource topics. Ohio employers and employees have access 24 hours a day/seven days a week, giving them the freedom and flexibility to view videos at their convenience.

What videos are available to stream online?
You can view a list of videos available for streaming here:

TN NOW Collection April 2018

Is there a charge?
No! Just like borrowing physical videos from our collection, all streaming videos are available free of charge to registered video library borrowers.

Who can use the service?
Like our DVD collection, this streaming service is for Ohio employers and Ohio employees only. If employers access the service outside the state of Ohio, their accounts will be disabled.

How do I get access?
First, you must be a registered library borrower to access our streaming videos. If you are new to the library, please complete the borrower registration and be sure to write down your 6-digit borrower ID when finished. If you have already registered with the library and forgotten your borrower ID, please call the video library at 614-644-0018.

Once you are registered with the library, send us an email. Include your name and borrower ID number. The library will email you instructions on how to access the videos.

What if the videos I need are not available to stream online?
Several hundred titles in our video collection are not available to stream at this time, but are available to borrow for free in DVD with your borrower ID. You can browse our current collection here.

Questions? Contact the video library at:
Phone: 614-644-0018
Email: library@bwc.state.oh.us