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Better You, Better Ohio!™ - Participant details

Why is BWC offering a health and wellness program?
Ohio, like much of the nation, is facing major health challenges driven primarily by obesity, aging and the rise in chronic diseases (i.e. diabetes and cardiovascular diseases). As of 2017, Ohio's health ranking stood at 39th among the 50 states. These health challenges and outcomes are mostly associated with lifestyle behaviors. Individuals can improve these behaviors by using the resources and support services health and wellness programs offer.

Better You, Better Ohio!™ provides these resources and support services to segments of Ohio's workforce and injured workers to improve their overall health and wellness. Better You, Better Ohio! can:

  • Prevent injuries because of improved workforce health and safety;
  • Reduce absenteeism and improve presenteeism;
  • Reduce the severity of an injury;
  • Increase the speed of recovery from an injury;
  • Reduce time away from work due to an injury.
Statistics show that prevention works and we know that Ohio's workforce and employers can reap great benefits by advancing health and wellness programming to the workforce and in workplaces across Ohio.

I'm an invited injured worker, how do I join?
If you have received an invitation to join from the managed care organization handling your claim as well as a phone call or email from AHM with sign-up instructions, visit go.activehealth.com/betteryoubetterohio then click the "Sign up now" button. From there, ActiveHealth® Management will ask you to enter some basic information to set up your account. Your individual health information is private and confidential. ActiveHealth doesn't share it with your employer or BWC.

I'm part of Ohio's workforce who meets the participation conditions, how do I join?
If you meet all the conditions for participating, which include that:

  1. You work for an employer with 150 or fewer employees;
  2. Your employer does not have a health and wellness program for its employees; and
  3. Your employer is in one of the approved industries*.
You can sign up for Better You, Better Ohio! by visiting go.activehealth.com/betteryoubetterohio, clicking the "Request to enroll" button and completing the online form. You can return to the site after 48 hours, click the "Sign up now" button and create your account. You should also receive a confirmation email from ActiveHealth confirming your eligibility within five days of requesting to enroll. The email will include instructions for signing up for the program if you haven't already done so. Your individual health information is private and confidential. ActiveHealth doesn't share it with your employer or BWC.

I'm an Ohio employer, can my employees participate in the program?
Your employees can participate in the program, if your organization meets the following conditions:

  1. You employ 150 or fewer employees;
  2. You do not have an existing health and wellness program for your employees; and
  3. You are an employer in one of the approved industries*.

*Agriculture; automotive repair and service; construction; firefighters; health care; manufacturing; police and public safety; public employers; restaurant and food service; transportation and trucking; trash collection; wholesale and retail