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PERRP Request for Training or Presentation

This service offering is for public employers to request a free training session or presentation through the Public Employer Risk Reduction Program (PERRP).
NOTICE: For Government Employers Only - Public employers, such as government agencies, public authorities such as counties, townships, or cities, and other public employers such as school districts.
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Training Presentation
Bloodborne Pathogens   Custom PERRP Presentation
Confined Space   Form 300A Reporting
Electrical Hazards   Needlestick Sharp's Report
Forklift   PERRP Available Training
Hazard Communication   PERRP Introduction - History
Lockout/Tagout   PERRP Introduction - Required Actions
OSHA 10 Hr. Construction   PERRP Introduction - Services
OSHA 10 Hr. General Industry   Top 10 Hazards
Personal Protective Equipment/
                    Hazard Assessment
Record Keeping  
Respiratory Protection  
Other not listed (Please specify.):