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OhioBWC - Employer:  (Obtaining Self-Insurance)

  Obtaining self-insurance

Ohio law requires employers with one or more employees to obtain workers' compensation coverage or be granted the privilege of self-insurance for liabilities associated with work-related accidents or occupational diseases. Thus, employees are covered either through the Ohio State Insurance Fund or by a self-insuring employer. Employers may realize several benefits from self-insurance including:
  • Administration of your own workers' comp program;
  • The potential for claims cost savings.
Qualifying for self-insurance
To qualify for self-insurance, an employer must meet the following requirements.
  • Have a minimum of 500 employees within Ohio
  • Authorization from the Ohio Secretary of State to do business in this state
  • Two years experience with the Ohio State Insurance Fund
  • Demonstrate strong financial stability
  • Possess the ability to administer a self-insured program
  • Maintain an account with a financial institution in Ohio, or draw compensation checks from the same account as the payroll checks
  • Have a BWC-certified Qualified Health Plan (QHP) or medical-management plan
Applying for self-insurance
To apply for self-insurance in Ohio an applicant must complete complete the following forms.
Initial Application by Employers for Authority to Pay Compensation Etc. Directly (SI-6) View/Print
Contract of Guaranty (SI-38) View/Print
Rehabilitation Election (SI-8) View/Print
Handicap Reimbursement Election (SI-41) View/Print
Election to Withdraw from Claims Reimbursement Fund (SI-44) View/Print
Agreement Between Employer and the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation Regarding Amount of Self-Insured Buyout (SI-16) View/Print
Permanent Authorization (AC-2) View/Print
Supporting documentation
In addition to the forms above, an applicant for self-insurance must submit:
  • Five years of certified financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). This includes a balance sheet, a profit and loss statement, auditor’s opinion and all footnotes;
  • A current organizational table showing all entities associated with the self-insurance applicant;
  • The name, contact information and qualifications for the individual that will act as the Ohio workers’ compensation administrator;
  • Organizational plan for the administration of the workers' comp law;
  • Proposed plan to inform employees of the change from a state-fund insurer and procedures employees must follow when filing for compensation and benefits;
  • Secretary of State papers providing proof of registration to do business in Ohio;
  • Information on your company’s risk- and claims-management procedures to establish a safe and more cost-effective workplace, including:

    1. Active senior management leadership;
    2. Employee involvement;
    3. Return-to-work practices;
    4. Communications affecting employee safety and health;
    5. Claims reporting practices;
    6. Coordination of safety and health practices;
    7. Training;
    8. Written and communicated safe work practices;
    9. Written safety and health policy;
    10. Record keeping.
Applicants must submit completed applications and supporting documentation 90 days in advance of the desired effective date of self-insurance. Mail completed applications and supporting documentation to:

Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
Self-Insured Department 
30 West Spring St., 22nd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-2256

Approval process
Upon receipt of a complete application, BWC will underwrite all application documents and financial information. BWC will issue a written decision granting or denying self-insurance within 90 days. If the applicant disagrees with this decision, the applicant may submit an appeal within 14 days to the Self-Insured Review Panel.

If approved for self-insurance, BWC will schedule the employer for a self-insurance orientation session. This session will further explain the self-insurance process, procedures and administrative requirements.