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Division of Safety & Hygiene - Lifting guidelines 

Enter the criteria for the specific situation in your workplace, and then click submit. You can enter the lifting specifics in one of two ways. You can click on the drop-down arrows, and then click on what you want to enter. Or, you can click on the image in the spot that matches the criteria you want to enter.

Select the back type for your scenario.
Healthy Lower back disorder

Select the vertical lift origin (the level from which lifts will be made).
Vertical Lift Vertical lift - Floor Vertical lift - Knee Vertical lift - Waist Vertical lift - Shoulder

Select the horizontal reach, distance from the spine (measured from spine to the center of the load).
search again Less than or equal to 12 inches Between 12 and 24 inches

Select the trunk-twisting angle during the lift. The twisting angle can be either to the left or to the right and is relative to the feet.
0 - 30 Degrees 30 - 60 Degrees 60 - 90 Degrees