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Employer program compatibility
Program eligibility look-up
This chart shows which discount programs are compatible e.g., you can participate in more than one of them at a time and stack (add) the discounts available for each one.

  This service offering allows authorized users to look up information about their eligibility to participate in various BWC programs.

Transitional Work Bonus
Grow Ohio Incentive Program
Employers with an approved transitional work plan may receive a potential incentive of a 10-percent bonus for using that plan, applicable to claims with dates of injury within that bonus year of program participation.

  Designed for new employers, Grow Ohio offers an automatic 25-percent discount on premiums, or gives employers the option to immediately apply for a group-experience-rating program and receive that group’s discount.

Transitional Work Grants
State construction contractors
Employers who've not received a transitional work grant from BWC in the past, may apply for funds to help them contract with a BWC-accredited transitional work developer to create a customized transitional work program.

  View drug-free safety program requirements for all state-administered construction contracts and construction sites.

Safety council rebate
Industry-specific safety
Employers actively involved in their local safety council may earn up to a 4-percent rebate by attending monthly meetings, CEO involvement and submission of accident statistics.

  Participating employers will use BWC's safety resources to create a safety program tailored to their industry and/or business needs. Employers receive a rebate for completing one or more loss-prevention activities, depending on the amount of reported payroll in the previous policy year.

Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP)
Individual-retrospective rating
This program relies upon better integration of an employer’s drug-free efforts with its comprehensive workplace safety program. DFSP provides a long-term discount for an unlimited number of years of participation as well as in-and-out-of-the-program privileges to provide greater flexibility for employers.

  Individual employers can possibly earn a premium reduction by assuming a portion of the risk.
Deductible Program
Learn more about how you can earn an upfront premium discount by agreeing to pay a per claim deductible.  
Group-experience rating
Group-retrospective rating
Join a group within your industry to combine your experience and claims with other group members to receive a premium discount.   Join a group within your industry, continue to pay individual premiums, and then receive retrospective premium adjustments based on the combined performance of the group.

$15,000 Medical-Only Program
EM capping
Learn more about how you can take ownership of the costs for your medical-only claims up to $15,000.   This cap on an individual employer's experience modifier (EM) minimizes the effects of a significant premium increase. It will equal 100 percent of the previous year's published EM whether it was an individual or group EM.

LSS options for state agencies
View lump sum settlement options for eligible public employer state agencies.