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Transitional work developers

How to select a transitional work developer
All transitional work developers must be accredited vocational or medical case managers, physical or occupational therapists, and have transitional work experience. They also must have successfully completed BWC's orientation session.

We've provided a list of BWC-accredited transitional work developers. The list includes their names, counties,business email addresses and phone numbers. Interview several developers and select one that best meets your company's needs.

How to become a BWC-accredited developer
We conduct full-day developer orientation classes at the Ohio Center for Occupational Safety and Health, 13430 Yarmouth Drive, Pickerington, OH 43147, throughout the year. We will email transitional work developer applicants with training dates and post announcements in Provider eNews, on Facebook and Twitter.

All transitional work developers must be a vocational or medical case manager with one of the following certifications/accreditations or state licensure:

  • American Board of Vocational Experts (ABVE).
  • Occupational Health Nursing (COHN(S)).
  • Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC).
  • Certified Disability Management Specialist (CDMS).
  • Certified Vocational Evaluator (CVE).
  • Certified Rehabilitation Nurse (CRRN).
  • Certified Case Manager (CCM).
  • Physical or occupational therapist license from Ohio Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainer Board.

A transitional work developer also shall be BWC-certified in our medical management program as one of the above provider types. So, the first step to becoming BWC-certified is to complete the Application for Provider Enrollment and Certification (MEDCO-13). This application requires a workers' compensation policy and professional liability insurance if applicable.

New transitional work developer applicants must demonstrate they have transitional work experience or verified mentoring experience with an accredited transitional work developer. They also must successfully complete BWC's orientation session.

Once the accreditation process is complete, we'll include your name on the BWC-accredited developer list. This accredited transitional work developers list will be available to employers, managed care organization, third-party administrators and available here online. The list includes developer names, counties, business email addresses and phone numbers.

Developer reaccreditation
BWC transitional work developer accreditation expires two years from the date BWC issues the accreditation number. A developer certificate clearly illustrates the issuance date. A lapse in a developer's accreditation will prevent an employer from receiving reimbursement for a transitional work plan.

BWC offers a two-hour, computer-based webinar class developers may attend from their home or office.
Note: Transitional work developers accredited during the 2001 to 2006 program must complete a new application and attend a re-accreditation webinar.
To register, complete the Transitional Work Developer's Reaccreditation Application (TWD-116)
Email: transitional work support
Fax: 614-621-5758
Mail: BWC's Transitional Work Grant Program, 30 W. Spring St., 21st floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215-0335.
Developers will receive confirmation of receipt of their application and information on class registration via email. If you have questions about the classes, email transitional work support or call 614-995-0437.

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