OhioBWC - Employer:  Claim history profile

Claim history profile

Employers, their representatives, their designees and managed care organizations can view a list of all claims associated to their BWC policy number.

They can select a date range and the claim benefit type they wish to view. They can also sort information according to the claim status and Social Security number.

The following information is displayed:
  • Claim number;
  • Injured worker name;
  • Social Security number;
  • Claim status
  • Date of injury
  • Cost per claim broken down into medical, indemnity and reserve costs.
Employers can link to the Claim Info menu by clicking on any individual claim.

Employers interested in having an employer service specialist contact them should call the nearest BWC customer service office and ask to speak with the employer services department. They also can call 1-800-OHIOBWC, and follow the options.