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Application for Drug-Free Safety Program (U-140)

The Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP) offers a premium rebate to eligible employers for implementing a loss-prevention strategy to address workplace use and misuse of alcohol and other drugs, including prescription, over-the-counter and illegal drug abuse within the context of a holistic safety program.

Below you'll find additional information for state construction contractors or subcontractors wanting to understand their requirements prior to providing labor services or on-site supervision of labor services on a State of Ohio public improvement/construction project.

Additional information
DFSP info
State construction contractor information
Drug-Free Vendor Directory
Program Discount Compatibility

Required information

  • Name of employer
  • Doing business as (DBA) name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Federal tax ID number
  • Employer contact person
  • Employer contact telephone number
  • Average number of employees
  • Employer has Internet access and is willing to receive correspondence via e-mail
  • E-mail address to which BWC can send correspondence to drug-free contact person
  • Requested DFSP program year
  • Advanced, basic or comparable program
  • Name of designated employer representative and e-signature
Note: In addition to completing the application, you must submit the Safety Management Self-Assessment (SH-26). If your company has not submitted the SH-26 within the last 12 months for either the DFSP Basic or Advanced levels, or another program, we will redirect you to the SH-26 to complete first, and then return you to the application.

If you have all the required information on hand, simply click the start button to begin.