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OhioBWC - Employer - Form: (TWB-2) - Introduction

Transitional Work Offer and Acceptance Form (TWB-2)

Employers participating in the Transitional Work Bonus program must complete this form for every offer of transitional work they make for claims with a date of injury during the bonus period. Not only do they need to complete and sign, but also the injured worker must sign the form before the employer faxes it to the managed care organization (MCO). So, while you may complete the TWB-2 online, you must print it off after completion to submit either by mail or fax.

Additional information
Bonus program overview
IMPORTANT: We must have the injured worker's signature before we can process this form. After you complete the form online, print a copy for the injured worker to review and sign, and then fax it to your MCO.
MCO fax numbers
Remember to include your policy number on your fax cover sheet.

Transitional Work Bonus Program Guide - We want to make sure all participating employers with eligible claims use their transitional work plan successfully and receive their full bonus amount at the end of the bonus period. This guide will assist you in completing the required documentation of your offer of transitional work duties and your injured employees' acceptance and participation in your company's plan. You may want to refer to this guide each time you enter the transitional work bonus information into the online form.

REMINDER: Periodically throughout the bonus period you should log in to your account to review your claims in the program period to make sure the release to return to work and actual return to work dates are entered correctly and this offer and acceptance form is completed for each of your eligible claims.

Required information
  • Policy number
  • Individual claim number or program year
  • Physician of record or treating physician
  • Date released to return to work
  • Return-to-work date
  • Employee acceptance or refusal

Complete the form

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