OhioBWC - Employer - Form: (TWG-1) - Introduction

Application for Transitional Work Grant Program (TWG-1)

Employers use this form to apply for funds to help them contract with a BWC-accredited transitional work developers to establish a transitional work program in their workplace. Transitional work helps businesses offer injured employees strategies to return them to work as soon as safely possible, and before the worker is 100 percent recovered. The program uses real job-related tasks to accommodate the worker's abilities for a specified time period, and then gradually return them to their original duties.

Additional information
Transitional Work Bonus Program - Rewards employers who use transitional work plans to facilitate early return to work for employees with workplace injuries. It's available to any eligible, state-fund, private employers and public employer taxing districts. Employers can earn a potential 10-percent premium rebate for using an established transitional work program; applicable to claims with dates of injury within that policy year. For more information, visit our Transitional work programs page.

Transitional work developers

For additional information about the grant or bonus programs email the transitional work support unit.

Required information

  • BWC policy number
  • Employer contact for TWG Program
  • Email address for TWG Program contact
  • Do you have an existing light duty/transitional work plan?

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