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Claim correspondence

Injured workers, employers, surviving spouses, dependents, managed care organizations(MCOs) and their designees can view claim correspondence online. The information listed here mirrors what exists in BWCs claims processing system, Version 3 (V3). It consists of all of the existing correspondence in a given claim. Correspondence is listed chronologically, beginning with the most recently generated notes.

Some pieces of correspondence are system generated. System generated correspondence is automatically generated by the V3 system as a result of some action in a claim. For example, when a claim is reassigned, the system will automatically generate a letter to all the parties of the claim stating that the claim was reassigned and listing the name, address, phone number and any other relevant reassignment information.

Other types of correspondence are user-generated. For example, a claims service specialist may generate an initial allowance order to grant the allowance of the claim. A copy of this letter is generated and issued to all parties per this request.

The information available for viewing includes:
  • Correspondence title Lists the name of the letter;
  • Correspondence detail Contains the actual text of the letter. This can be linked to by clicking on the correspondence title;
  • Correspondence date Lists the date that the correspondence was mailed by BWC.