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Tools for authorized representatives

Filing a claim - Applicable forms

Temporary total/Salary continuation - Applicable forms

Wage loss - applicable forms

Scheduled loss - applicable forms

Percentage of permanent partial - Applicable forms

Permanent total disability (PTD)/DWRF - Applicable forms

Lump sum settlement - Applicable forms

Lump sum advancement - Applicable forms
Application for Payment of Lump Sum Advancement (C-32)

Wages - Applicable forms

Travel reimbursement - Applicable forms

Other - Applicable forms

Net present value factors chart 2015 - Effective Sept. 30, 2015

Compensation rates
Pension calendar
Absorption Rates for Overpayment Chart
Customer Service Office Triage Assignment and Contact Information
Exposure Blood or Other Bodily Fluid (ORC 4123.026) - flow chart


We've introduced this quarterly e-newsletter for authorized representatives, RepConnect. It replaces the quarterly meetings BWC hosted in the past to share information. This new format will allow you to read this information at your leisure and easily share it with others in your organization. In addition, we've included contact information you need to send us any questions/comments/concerns. Our goal is to respond to questions within five business days from receipt of the inquiry.

If you'd like to subscribe to RepConnect send your name and email address to RepConnect

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Edition Download/Print