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BWC # Form Title Description View/ Print Online Order
A-12A.C.T. Enrollment and Direct Deposit AuthorizationDescription pdf Print Online Form  
A-12-ES EFTFormulario de inscripción y autorización de depósito directo de la ACTDescription pdf Print   
A-21Prepaid Debit Card Enrollment Application Description pdf Print Online Form  
A-21-ESTarjeta de débito prepagadaDescription pdf Print   
A-35Direct Deposit ACT Bank ChangeDescription pdf Print Online Form  
A-35-ESCambio de banco de depósito directo de ACT Description pdf Print   
C-5Application for Death Benefits and/or Funeral ExpensesDescription pdf Print  
C-5-ESSolicitud para los beneficios por fallecimiento y/o gastos funerariosDescription pdf Print   
C-6Application for Accrued CompensationDescription pdf Print   
C-11ADR Appeal to the MCO Medical Treatment/Service DecisionDescription pdf Print Online Form 
C-11-ESApelación a la decisión por servicio/tratamiento médico de la MCO de ADRDescription pdf Print   
C-17Request for Injured Worker Outpatient Medication ReimbursementDescription pdf Print  
C-18Notice to BWC of the Injured Worker and Employer Agreement and Authorization to Send Injured Worker's Check(s) to the EmployerDescription pdf Print  
C-23Notice to Change Physician of RecordDescription pdf Print Online Form 
C-30Request for Medical InformationDescription pdf Print   
C-32Application for Payment of Lump Sum AdvancementDescription pdf Print  
C-60Completing the Injured Worker Statement for Reimbursement of Travel ExpenseDescription pdf Print Online Form 
C-60-AInjured Worker Reimbursement Rates for Travel ExpenseDescription pdf Print   
C-72Consent to Release InformationDescription pdf Print   
C-72-ESAutorización para divulgar informaciónDescription pdf Print   
C-77Injured Worker's Change of Address NotificationDescription pdf Print  
C-84Request for Temporary Total CompensationDescription pdf Print Online Form 
C-84-ESPetición de compensación total temporalDescription pdf Print   
C-86MotionDescription pdf Print Online Form 
C-86-ESMociónDescription pdf Print   
C-92Application for Determination or Increase of Percentage of Permanent Partial DisabilityDescription pdf Print Online Form 
C-92-ESpara determinar el porcentaje de incapacidad parcial permanente o aumento de la incapacidad permanente parcialDescription pdf Print   
Wages-IWInjured Worker Earnings StatementDescription pdf Print   
WAGES-IW-ESDeclaración de los ingresos del trabajador lesionado Description pdf Print   
Wages-EMPEmployer Report of Employee EarningsDescription pdf Print   
Wages-EMP-ESInforme del empleador de ingresos del empleadoDescription pdf Print   
C-101Authorization to Release Medical InformationDescription pdf Print  
C-101-ESAutorización para divulger información médica pdf Print   
ODM-10221Standard Authorization FormDescription pdf Print   
Instructions for completing the Standard Authorization Form pdf Print   
C-108Waiver of AppealDescription pdf Print Online Form  
C-108-ESRenuncia al período de apelaciónDescription pdf Print   
C-140Initial Application for Wage Loss CompensationDescription pdf Print Online Form 
C-141Wage Loss Statement for Job SearchDescription pdf Print Online Form 
C-142Employer Report of Employee Earnings for Wage Loss CompensationDescription pdf Print   
C-159Waiver Of Workers' Compensation Benefits For Recreational Or Fitness Activities pdf Print  
C-159-ESRenuncia a los beneficios por indemnización de los trabajadores para actividades recreativas o de ejercicios físicosDescription pdf Print   
C-230Authorization to Receive Workers' Compensation CheckDescription pdf Print  
C-230-ESAutorización para recibir Cheques de compensación por accidentes en el trabajoDescription pdf Print   
C-240Settlement Agreement and Application for Approval of Settlement AgreementDescription pdf Print Online Form  
C-255Affidavit for Attorney FeesDescription pdf Print   
C-261Workers' Compensation Claim Log pdf Print   
C-265Presumption of Causation for Firefighter Cancer pdf Print   
C-512Notice of intent to Settle pdf Print   
FROIFirst Report of an Injury, Occupational Disease or DeathDescription pdf Print Online Form 
FROI-ESInforme inicial de lesión, enfermedad ocupacional o fallecimientoDescription pdf Print   
Reporting fraudDescription  Online Form  
IC-167-TObjection to Tentative Order Awarding Permanent Partial Disability CompensationDescription pdf Print   
MEDCO-31Request for Prior Authorization of Medication FormDescription pdf Print   
R-2Claimant Authorized RepresentativeDescription pdf Print  
R-2-ESAutorización de un representante del trabajador lesionadoDescription pdf Print   
R-4Application for Representative Identification NumberDescription pdf Print   
RH-1Rehabilitation AgreementDescription pdf Print  
RH-6On-the-job Training AgreementDescription pdf Print  
RH-7Loan/Release Agreement for Tool and EquipmentDescription pdf Print  
RH-10Vocational Rehabilitation Plan Job Search ContactsDescription pdf Print  
RH-18Authorization for Living Maintenance Wage LossDescription pdf Print  
RH-24Gradual Return to Work AgreementDescription pdf Print  
RH-94AReport of Earnings for Living Maintenance Wage Loss Compensation pdf Print   
SH-6PERRP Complaint Form pdf Print   
SI-28Filing of Allegation Against a Self-Insured EmployerDescription pdf Print Online Form 
SI-42Self Insured Joint Settlement Agreement and ReleaseDescription pdf Print  
SI-43Acknowledgement of the Self-Insured Joint Settlement Agreement and ReleaseDescription pdf Print  
Subrogation Referral Form pdf Print