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Repair or Replacement Vision, Hearing, and Medical Supplies

If a medical supply is damaged or broken at the time of the industrial accident or directly affected by the injury or occupational disease, the MCO is responsible for determining reimbursement eligibility for repair or replacement of the medical supply. The MCO should contact the CSS to verify that the medical supply was damaged at the time the accident occurred.  However, the CSS may contact the MCO if he/she identifies the need for repair or replacement of the medical supply due to the accident. This information will be documented in the claim notes for reference by the MCO.


Medical supplies that may be replaced or repaired include, but are not limited to:

·         Dental supplies, restoration, or prostheses;

·         Vision supplies, frames, lenses and contact lenses;

·         Hearing aids


For additional information regarding this policy, please refer to the  .  Information can be found in Chapter 8, Section 12, Eye Examination and Eyeglass/Contact Replacement Policy (located on page 44).