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New Medical Technologies and Procedures Policy

BWC has developed a process for evaluating requests for the review of new medical technology or procedures for coverage for the treatment of workers’compensation conditions. This process does not apply to new products or methods for the treatment of conditions when a similar method or product for treatment is currently available.  The review will include the following steps.

§  BWC or MCO identifies the technology or procedure of concern in regard to authorization.

§  BWC will gather information regarding the procedure, treatment or technology. Sources may include manufacturer’s literature, submitted documentation from the provider requesting authorization of the service, and information from the MCO

§  The BWC Injury Management or Medical Policy Division will review the documentation  and will research other sources such as MEDLINE or other databases; The Cochrane Library, established  treatment guidelines and specialty organizations, such as the Centers for Disease Control.

§  The BWC Injury Management or Medical Policy division will review the information and create a draft position document focusing on indications, outcomes, adverse effects, safety and cost.

§  The draft position will be presented to the appropriate medical committee (i.e., MCO Medical Directors Committee or BWC Health Care Quality Assurance Advisory Committee).

§  The final position paper will be posted on BWC’s website.