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OhioBWC - Basics:  Health Partnership Program (HPP)

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The Health Partnership Program (HPP)

HPP is BWC’s system for managing workers’ compensation health care in Ohio. Mandated by House Bill 107, BWC employees, business leaders, labor representatives and health-care providers designed HPP. H.B. 107 also mandated a similar system, the Qualified Health Plan, for self-insuring employers.

HPP is truly a partnership. BWC and private-sector managed care organizations (MCOs), certified to participate in HPP, must work together to provide comprehensive claims management and medical-management services. Our goal is to provide quality health care with an emphasis on return to work.

BWC supports a philosophy of not only return to work, but also return to life. Our evolving business model is focused on an increased level of partnership between employers, injured workers, medical providers, MCOs and BWC. As a critical player in the HPP design, providers must understand the basis and goals of return-to-work strategies and optimal return-to-work expectations of injured workers. To participate in HPP, providers must understand the enrollment and certification process.

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