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OhioBWC - Basics:  BWC’s provider agreement

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BWC’s provider agreement

In order to become certified, you must meet the minimum certification requirements and sign the Application for Provider Enrollment and Certification (MEDCO-13). When you sign BWC’s provider agreement, you agree to:

  • Comply with Ohio workers’ compensation laws and rules;
  • Maintain acceptable malpractice coverage;
  • Practice in a managed-care environment and comply with utilization review determinations;
  • Bill only for services and items performed or provided, and medically necessary, cost-effective and related to the claim or allowed condition;
  • Inform the injured worker of his or her liability for payment of non-covered services prior to delivery;
  • Charge no more than the usual fee billed to non-industrial patients for the same service;
  • Accept reimbursement and not unbundle charges into separate procedure codes when a single procedure code is more appropriate;
  • Not balance bill the injured worker or employer. Injured workers are not required to contribute a co-payment and do not have to meet any deductibles.

BWC certification is an ongoing process for new providers. Call 1-800-OHIOBWC and press 4 for an application, or click on the link below to download one.

Application for Provider Enrollment and Certification(MEDCO-13)