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OhioBWC - Basics:  Key factors when deriving an opinion

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Key factors when deriving an opinion

When forming your opinion on causality or causal relationship, physicians should rely on historical information available to them including that provided by their injured workers, exam results, any study results, and the physicians' knowledge and expertise.

Key factors to consider

  • The alleged mechanism of injury, exposure or work activity
  • Time of onset (direct and proximate cause) or chronological sequence
  • Duration of exposure or activity
  • Typical, non-occupational disease manifestation
  • Common or known conditions which commonly occur as a result of a given exposure
  • Other contributing factors such as non-occupational activities or medical conditions
  • Response when applicant away from activity

Note: Physicians are only expressing their opinions. It is understood that they may not have all the information at the time of completing forms and may have opinions that differ from others. However, physicians' expressed opinions are essential in processing claims and determining the allowed conditions.