OhioBWC - Basics:  Rating Inspection

Rating Inspection

BWC determines manual classifications and applicable premium rates based on employers' applications for coverage, more specifically their industry and the work performed. BWC uses manual classifications to classify employers by industry and hazard for rating purposes. It is important that employers describe the exact nature of their business when applying for coverage so BWC can place them in the correct manual classifications.

Employers also add, eliminate or change business operations that may require changes to the manual classifications. Employers who believe they are not correctly classified can request additional classifications.

In order to request additional classifications, Employers must put their request in writing. Under most circumstances, unless their request for additional manuals is limited to traveling sales and clerical, they must have a rating inspection to clear up any misunderstanding. If you feel your business is not correctly classified, call 1-800-OHIOBWC and follow the options.