OhioBWC - Basics:  What is the Appeal Process?

What is the appeal process?

Appeals to BWC Orders
Appeals and hearings provide due process to the parties of a claim by affording them the opportunity to object to a determination on the claim. According to ORC 4123.511(B)(1) the appeal period for a BWC Order is 14 days after the date of receipt of the Order. There are four additional days attached to the 14-day appeal period to allow time for mailing purposes.

The injured worker/injured worker's authorized representative, employer/employer's authorized representative or BWC, may file an appeal. It is important to note that the appeal must be filed in writing, as BWC will not accept a verbal appeal. Although the IC-12 is generally used to file an appeal, BWC will accept any appeal as long as it contains the following pertinent information:

  • The name of the injured worker and employer;
  • The claim number;
  • The date of the order being appealed;
  • The reason why the order is being appealed.
An appeal that is received via fax is considered timely filed, if the fax date on the appeal is prior to the expiration of the appeal period.

Objections or appeals pertaining to self-insuring employers decisions are forwarded to the IC within seven days of receipt of the objection or appeal.

The appeal should also be signed and dated by the party filing the appeal. Appeals can be filed via mail, fax or in person at the local BWC customer service office or Industrial Commission office.