OhioBWC - Basics:  What is a BWC Order or IC Order?

What is a BWC Order?

A BWC Order is the written notification to all parties of the claim of the decision the Customer Service Specialist (CSS) has made from the evidence that has been gathered during the investigation of a claim. ORC 4123.511(A)(B) BWC Orders provide a consistent, standard format that is user friendly and similar to the format and language used in IC Orders. ORC 4121.36(B)

The purpose of the BWC Order is to:

  • Communicate claims decisions in clear common language to the general public;
  • Provide due process to all parties of the claim.
A BWC Order is required for all initial claim determinations and some subsequent claims determinations. Multiple initial allowance and denial issues can be addressed on a single Order.

Multiple claims related issues may be addressed on the same Order. The wording of the order should be in a clear, logical manner that can be easily followed and understood by the parties of the claim. The injured worker/injured worker's authorized representative and the employer/ employer's authorized representative receive a copy of the order. It is important to note that if any party to the claim disagrees with any part of the decision, an appeal to the BWC order can be filed.