OhioBWC - Basics:  Who can have Power of Attorney?

Who can have power of attorney?

A power of attorney (POA), allows an injured worker with a lost-time claim to specify an individual person or an attorney/representative to accept the injured worker's compensation warrant per ORC 4121.43(C), ORC 4121.43(D) and OAC 4123-3-10. The injured worker can have an attorney representing his/her legal issues and have a separate individual with the POA. A power of attorney authorization does not allow an attorney or individual to cash or endorse the injured worker's warrant.
  • An original power of attorney (POA) must be filed with each claim.
  • In order to honor a POA, the claims service specialist must first ensure that the C230 was filed timely and signed by the injured worker. The POA can be faxed to the claims specialist.
  • POAs are honored for 18 consecutive calendar months from the date the POA was executed.
  • In a self-insured claim, the injured worker and/or employer will agree on delivery of the warrant based on the same principles as state-fund claims.