OhioBWC - Basics:  Who can be an 'authorized representative'?

Who can be an “authorized representative”?

Authorized representatives are individuals who are selected by or hired by the injured worker or employer to represent their interests during the life of the claim. Generally an attorney is selected, but the representative can be anyone.

The injured worker may notify the claims service specialist (CSS) of the dismissal of their current authorized representative by telephone, fax or letter.

  • Telephone: The injured worker can call the CSS, a written confirmation of the change of representation should follow the phone call.
  • Fax: A written notification can be faxed to the CSS.
  • Letter: The injured worker can mail the notice to the CSS. The IW should copy the notification to the interested parties.

When the same representative is designated as the Power of Attorney (POA) in the claim, the injured worker must dismiss the POA by a separate written notification. Upon receipt of a request for dismissal of an authorized representative, the CSS will notify the injured worker that any POAs will require a separate written dismissal. When the injured worker has dismissed, in writing, both the authorized representative and the POA, the BWC must honor the cancellation as long as the notice is received before the BWC/IC Order is mailed. OAC 4123-3-22(C)