OhioBWC - Basics:  I want to change to another doctor

I want to change to another doctor

If you want to change your physician of record (POR) you must notify your managed care organization (MCO) in writing with your request. You can complete a C-23 Notice to Change Physician of Record and send it to your MCO for processing. The notification must include the name and address of your new physician, reason for the requested change and you must sign the document.

Your MCO may not dispute your selection of a new POR nor shall the MCO deny your request to change to a non-BWC certified provider. However, if you change to a non-BWC certified provider, your MCO must clearly communicate to you at the time of the request that you will be responsible for your medical payments and will have no recourse against the MCO, BWC or your employer.

An injured worker may only have one POR at any given time. In claims where more than one physician treats the injured worker, there still can only be one recognized POR.

If your employer is self-insuring, you should contact your employer to obtain information concerning choosing a physician.