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OhioBWC - Basics:  Who are Self-Insuring Employers?

Who are self-insuring employers?

Approximately one-third of Ohio employers are self-insuring. Self-insuring employers pay workers' compensation benefits directly to their employees. If your employer is self-insured, file your workers' compensation claim with your employer.

When employers doing business in the state of Ohio meet the self-insuring criteria listed under ORC 4123.35 and OAC 4123-19-03, they are granted the privilege to self-insure (administer) their own workers’ compensation claims. Self-insuring employers are given decision-making authority similar to that of the BWC Administrator. The self-insuring (SI) employer agrees to abide by BWC and Industrial Commission of Ohio (IC) rules and regulations. The employer agrees to provide accurate and timely payments of compensation and benefits subject to the provisions of those rules.

Ultimate responsibility of the claim will reside with the SI employer. The SI employer must:

  • Furnish or make arrangements for reasonable medical services during working hours. OAC 4123-19-03(L)(1);
  • Assist employees in completing the necessary forms or applications for workers’ compensation benefits;
  • Review for allowance or disallowance of the reported claim(s) and issue payment of compensation and benefits in a timely manner;
  • Maintain an office in the state of Ohio and have one or more employees knowledgeable and capable of administering a workers’ compensation program;
  • Maintain claim files in an orderly manner and make appropriate information available to injured workers and their representatives for review. A third party administrator or individual may assist the employer in the administration of workers’ compensation claims;
  • House all Ohio workers’ compensation claim files within the state at one of the employer’s locations or obtain prior approval from BWC before housing claim files out of state.

Filing a complaint against the self-insuring employer
If your employer is self-insured, and you're having problems getting your claim processed, receiving your lost-time compensation or getting medical bills paid, you should try to resolve the issues with your employer first. If, after that, the problem has not been resolved, you may submit a Filing of an Allegation Against a Self-Insured Employer (SI-28) to the self-insured department.

BWC will accept complaints or allegations of improper claims management by letter or the SI-28. The mailing address is:

BWC Self-Insured Department
27th floor
30 W. Spring St.
Columbus, Ohio 43215-2256