OhioBWC - Basics:  Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

To become BWC-certified, all providers must meet licensing, registration, certification requirements. Additionally, all providers must carry comprehensive general liability insurance for professional malpractice and liability. For each of the following provider types, recommended insurance guidelines per occurrence and in the aggregate includes:

Physician (MD) - $1 million/$3 million* Physician (DO) - $1 million/$3 million* Physician (DPM) - $1 million/$3 million*
Dentist (DDS/ DDM)- $1 million/$3 million Certified R.N. anesthetist $1 million/$3 million Physician (DC) - $1 million/$1 million
Optometrist - $1 million/$1 million Psychologist (Ph.D.) $1 million/$1 million Mechanotherapist (DMT) $1 million/$1 million
Advanced practice nurse -$1million/$3 million Licensed Professional Counselor - $1million/$1 million Licensed social worker -$1million/$1 million
Licensed clinical professional counselor - $1million/$1 million Licensed independent social worker - $1 million/$1 million  

Note: The (*) indicates that providers who do not meet the $1M/$3M guidelines above, be considered as meeting adequate medical professional liability/malpractice insurance limits for the Health Partnership Program at $1M/ $1M if the provider submits a notarized letter indicating he/she will not perform procedures that fall within the CPT code ranges:

00100 through 01999 10000 through 69999
93501 through 93790 92950 through 92996
96400 through 96549 99100 through 99195