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Claim Documents
Through our Web site, providers, injured workers, employers and authorized representatives can view documents stored in BWC’s imaging repository system. To better manage the hard copy information gathered as part of managing a claim, BWC takes an electronic snapshot (i.e., an image) of many documents received from injured workers, employers, authorized representatives, medical providers and managed care organizations.

Click here to view Claim documents.

Guided Tour
BWC’s Web site features a guided tour, which is used to assist our customers, other governmental agencies and other insurance carriers in understanding the Ohio workers’ compensation system. Three guided tours are available for each of our primary customers – injured workers, employers and medical providers. Although each is written to address these customers’ particular needs, users are encouraged to access all of the guided tours to learn about the issues and questions affecting injured workers, employers and medical providers.

Primary E-Account/Secondary Users
Injured workers, employers, authorized representatives and medical providers can access specific claim data on BWC’s Web site by establishing a secured electronic account (i.e., an “e-account”). An e-account allows these users to perform a variety of functions, including, but certainly not limited to, applying for coverage, viewing bill payment histories, and updating home addresses.

When an e-account is established, users are requested to provide a variety of data, including if they, or another person, will be responsible for administering the account (i.e., primary e-account users). Only primary e-account users can update account data and add/delete other users (i.e., secondary e-account users). Primary and secondary accounts exist not only to assure the security and integrity of individual and organizational information, but also to allow multiple users associated with a claim, employer or provider to manage critical data. BWC does not specify criteria for becoming either a primary or secondary e-account user; rather, this is an individual or organizational decision.