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OhioBWC - Basics:  How do I cancel my coverage?

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How do I cancel my coverage?

Ohio law requires employers to carry coverage for their employees up through the last date someone was employed.

Until BWC receives written notification of your desire to cancel coverage, your policy will remain open. BWC will continue to mail payroll reports as usual. Once BWC no longer receives a payroll report, the account will be lapsed and BWC will bill you for estimated premiums and administrative costs.

When cancelling coverage, you must file a final payroll report and pay any premiums or other assessments due. If your coverage has lapsed, you will need to bring the account up to date by filing any missing payroll reports and paying premiums.

Once BWC finalizes your request to cancel coverage, the remaining premium security deposit minus any monies you owe will be refunded.

You must notify BWC in writing of your desire to cancel either by:

  • Filling out the Notification of Policy Update (U-117). Indicate your desire to cancel and include the effective date;


  • Writing a letter stating that you wish to cancel coverage. Include the date you last had an employee and the date you wish to cancel.

    Send to:

BWC Policy Services
30 W Spring Street
22nd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-2256