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Complaint Policy


Premium Relief Request


Policy Effective Date: June 1, 2008

Policy Revision Date: October 17, 2011



Description / Background


An employer or their authorized representative may submit a complaint to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) requesting “premium relief.”


Requests for premium relief are usually the result of some other issue such as being rejected from a particular BWC program, estimation of payroll due to non-reporting, or possibility the result of rate adjustments due to audit findings.  If these situations occur, the employer or their authorized representative should file a complaint regarding the specific issue that they believe caused the premium that they are requesting relief from.



Extenuating Circumstances


There are no extenuating circumstances to consider premium relief when “premium relief” is the only issue being protested.


The bureau has a long standing practice of not granting “premium relief” for pure premiums for an employer who is still in operation.  In cases of extreme financial hardship, the employer should be encouraged to request a partial payment plan.  In cases where the employer is out of business and the account has been certified to the Attorney General’s Office, the employer may petition the Attorney General for settlement of the liability.  However, the employer must truly be out of business.   It cannot be operating under a new policy number or new corporation.


If the employer is requesting premium relief for a specific reason related to one or more programs or workers’ compensation issues, see the appropriate policy on extenuating circumstances for that topic.