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Expedited Payments of Compensation Policy

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Expedited Payments of Compensation (formerly referred to as Forthwith or Emergency Payments)

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Rick Percy, Chief of Operational Policy, Compliance and Analytics (Signature on File)


Claims Policy


All Injury Management policies, procedures, directives and memos regarding expedited payments that predate the effective date of this policy.



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The purpose of this policy is to ensure BWC correctly evaluates requests for expedited payments and bases decisions on sufficient and appropriate supporting evidence.




This policy applies to BWC Field Operations staff.


Expedited Payment:  Compensation payment that is delivered more quickly than a standard compensation payment and is an exception to the standard compensation payment process. Expedited payments will only be delivered in the form of a paper check.


Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT): Benefit card program for the deposit of funds into an account established for the benefit recipient.


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): Direct deposit of funds from BWC into the benefit recipient’s bank account (checking or savings) with a financial institution.



A.    It is the policy of BWC to issue expedited payments to an injured worker (IW) or dependent, hereafter referred to as a benefit recipient, when appropriate.

1.    Expedited payments are issued on all types of compensation except settlements or percent permanent partial (%PP).

2.    Only the BWC administrator or the designee can allow an expedited payment for a settlement or %PP.

a.    There must be appropriate documentation; and

b.    Signatures must be obtained according to the signature authority memo.

3.    Expedited payments may be issued when a benefit recipient makes a request and when there is at least one of the following:

a.    BWC error that delayed payment;

b.    Verified and current  eviction notice for the benefit recipient; or

c.    Utility disconnection notice for the benefit recipient’s residence (e.g., electric, gas or water, but not telephone, cell phone or cable).

4.    BWC shall not approve an expedited payment if the payment has already transferred electronically (EBT/EFT).


B.    If the decision is made to grant the request for an expedited payment:

1.    For recipients living within the Columbus Service Office (CSO) service area:

a.    Payment shall be picked up at the Cash Control window in the William Green Building, 30 W Spring St., Columbus, OH 43215 after 3:00 p. m.

b.    The benefit recipient or authorized representative must present proper identification (e.g., driver’s license, state identification card).

c.    If the recipient or their authorized representative is ultimately unable to pick up the check in person, payment will be mailed.

2.    For benefit recipients living outside the CSO service area:

a.    Payment may be picked up at the Cash Control window in the William Green Building, 30 W. Spring St., Columbus, OH 43215 after 3:00 p. m. and the recipient or authorized representative must present proper identification; or

b.    BWC may send the payment by FedEx with the fees charged to the service office in which the error occurred or the service office requesting the FedEx delivery. 




A.   When field staff receives a request for an expedited payment, field staff shall:

1.    Verify that the request meets the requirement in section IV.A.1-4;

2.    Obtain proof the request meets the requirement (e.g., an eviction notice);

3.    Ensure any supporting documentation is appropriately imaged into the claims management system;

4.    Notify Benefits Payable of the request by emailing EFTGROUP@bwc.state.oh.us:

a.    Put EXPEDITED PAYMENT REQUEST in the subject line; and

b.    Flag the email as High Importance.

5.    After receiving the email from the benefits payable department regarding its decision, inform the requesting party by telephone of the decision.


B.   The benefits payable department will:

1.    Review the request and decide the appropriateness of an expedited payment;

2.    Obtain all necessary approvals;

3.    Enter the payment information in notes in the claims management system; and

4.    Email the BWC requester with the decision.