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OhioBWC - Basics: (Policy library) - File

Affidavits, Testimonials Or Other Formal Statements 

Occasionally BWC personnel may be requested by attorneys or other representatives to provide an affidavit, testimonial, or formal statement regarding the management of a particular claim.  The request may involve complex issues that are or have been under review by the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) and the statement may become evidence in a civil or criminal trial. 


It is important that proper procedures be followed to ensure that accurate information is provided in a prompt and professional manner.  The Customer Care Teams (CCT) and BWC attorneys will work together to resolve any issues and accommodate the request for information.


Customer Care Team Responsibilities

Requests for a formal statement should be in writing.  Upon receipt of a request, the Claims Service Specialist (CSS) should complete the following:

·       Fax a copy of the request (maintain the original copy in the file) to the BWC attorney. 

·       If it is a verbal request, forward the request to the BWC attorney.  The assigned BWC attorney will contact the party requesting the statement by telephone to discuss the issues.

·       Record the nature of the request and the date the request was forwarded to the BWC attorney in V3 Notes.

·       Provide a copy of the request to SIU if they have been involved in the claim.

·       Copy all pertinent V-3 documentation (i.e., Orders, correspondence and progress notes) into the claim file.

·       Forward the file to the BWC attorney as soon as possible.


BWC Attorney Responsibilities

The BWC attorney will review the request and the claim file prior to contacting the requesting party.  Upon contact they will discuss the request and attempt to resolve the issues over the telephone.


·       It is important that during this time conversations with the requester be limited to the BWC attorney.


The BWC attorney may contact the Claims Service Specialist (CSS) to discuss the issues in the claim.  This will help the attorney to clarify the issues and prepare them for the discussion with the requester.


If the request cannot be resolved over the telephone and a formal statement is still required, the BWC attorney will coordinate a meeting with all involved parties.  The attorney will also attend the meeting to support and facilitate this process.


The BWC attorney may meet with the involved members of the Customer Care Team (CCT) and/or the involved SIU staff prior to the formal statement, to review the facts of the claim, provide additional clarity on the issues and to answer any questions the CCT may have.