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At BWC, our job is Prevention & Care. It's good for workers, employers and Ohio's economy. Everything we do each day ties back to these two simple purposes:

  • Preventing injuries and occupational illnesses on the job - The best claim is one that never happens. That's why it's critical for us to focus on prevention through safety education, training and consultation;
  • Caring for injured workers so they can return to work and life as quickly as possible - In spite of everyone's best efforts, injuries and illnesses can happen in any workplace at any time. That's why we must also focus on injured worker care to ensure the best outcomes and return-to-work success.

When Prevention & Care come together, we seal the deal for our customers - Ohio's employers and injured workers. That same partnership that brings together Prevention & Care is what we're all about. It reduces costs and lowers premiums for employers, allows businesses to succeed throughout the state and, most importantly, keeps Ohio's workers healthy and safe on the job.

We also fulfill a promise made in Ohio more than 100 years ago when workers' comp began. The partnership between business and labor created a system that provides a financial safety net for employers and workers - as well as peace of mind.

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BWC functional areas

BWC is a large enterprise consisting of multiple functional areas dedicated to carrying out our mission.

  • Actuarial (actuarial analysis, rate adjustment, research and statistics, calculation of initial premium rates, expected loss rates and experience modifiers)
  • Employer Services (underwriting and premium audit, business analysis, employer policy and employer services)
  • Enterprise Services (project management, core system, business architects)
  • Field Operations (call center, managing medical and lost-time workers' compensation claims, providing support to return injured workers to their jobs and lives, compensation adjustments, etc.)
  • Fiscal Services (accounts payable/receivable, financial reporting, benefits payable, budget, payroll, purchasing, inventory control, employer compliance, etc.)
  • Human Resources (personnel and benefits, equal employment opportunity, labor relations, employee training, employee safety and health, etc.)
  • Information Technology (networking, computer security, application development, enterprise data management, telecommunications, etc.)
  • Internal Audit (internal controls, systems and governance processes)
  • Investments (investment strategies for BWC trust funds)
  • Legal (legal counsel for the State Insurance Fund, special investigations, fraud, security, ethics)
  • Medical Services (monitor medical bill payments, fee schedules, coordination of health-care services, medical policies, claims management, reimbursement review, prior authorization/physician review, staffs nurses for medical resources for the customer care teams, etc.)
  • Medical and Health Services (pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) contract compliance and administrative payment - monitors performance and develops contract service specifications - establish service requirements for PBM)
  • Operational Policy, Analytics, and Compliance (analyzes data to help improve BWC processes, shape policy, and monitor the performance and compliance of managed care organizations)
  • Public Policy & Strategy (agency brand and promotional materials, policy updates and operational correspondence, audio/visual services and charitable campaigns outreach)
  • Safety & Hygiene (safety education and training, safety councils, safety grants and loans programs, field consulting safety services, etc.)
  • Strategic Direction (oversees strategic communications regarding BWC initiatives, sets and enforces overall direction for employer outreach initiatives, and the customers' experience)

About employment with BWC and the State of Ohio

State of Ohio employment opportunities are announced on the Careers website. To set-up and maintain your application profile and to view or apply for employment opportunities, click this link.

Once you reach the State of Ohio Job Opportunities site, you may utilize the search, sort or filter options in order to narrow-down your search to opportunities of interest to you. Some of the filter options include Department (or State Agency), or county location of the opening.

Under the Menu options in the upper left-hand corner, you may review the job classification description library to identify specific jobs of interest to you. The Job Interest Card option provides applicants the ability to subscribe to receive email alerts when a position is posted in a job category of interest (e.g., Accounting & Finance, IT & Computers).

Applying for a position:

Once you establish a user account, the thorough completion of your profile is an important step in the process since this is the information that will populate the job application when you apply for a position. It is also worthwhile to tailor each job application for the specific job you are applying for. Take extra time to review your application submission and explain how you meet the qualifications listed on the job posting. The minimum qualifications are included on each job posting. And, remember where education is a requirement to include your transcript with your application.

How to apply FAQ:

Answers to your questions regarding the status of one's application, how to submit an application after creating your user profile, and many others can be found here.

Benefits available to State of Ohio employees

The BWC and the State of Ohio cares about the public and customers it serves. Beyond the personal satisfaction one receives from being a public servant, the State also offers a variety of health-care, dental and vision plans to permanent, full-time and permanent, part-time employees. Plans have also been designed to attract, motivate and retain employees. Components of these plans include compensation, other types of benefits, work-life programs, performance management and recognition, employee development and a variety of career opportunities.

Review the Benefits - Total Rewards to discover more about what the State can offer to you as an employee.

Internships / Occupational Safety Fellowship

College students interested in the opportunity to acquire experience related to one's educational pursuits and gain hands-on work experience may be interested in an internship opportunity.

Also, recent college graduates in the fields of occupational safety and health, engineering, industrial hygiene, and/or or physical/natural sciences may be interested in BWC's on-the-job training and fellowing program.

Information regarding these opportunities may be found here: