OhioBWC - Common:  (E-account) - User ID and password


An e-account (user ID and password) allows you to access personal, secure information about your individual claim or policy.
Create an e-account.

Note: Your claim or policy number is different from your e-account.
While a BWC employee may ask you for your claim or policy number, NO BWC employee will ask for your e-account. Do not give your e-account to anyone.

Primary account

A primary account is the first e-account established by an individual. The individual who establishes the primary account, the primary user, manages that e-account. This includes adding secondary users, deleting secondary users and transferring primary status to another user.

Secondary account

For those organizations that have multiple individuals who need access to their information online, i.e., several people in the human resources department of a large company who manage workers' compensation, BWC offers a secondary account.

The primary user, the first person to create a BWC e-account is the only person that can add or delete secondary users for that account. Secondary users can access the same information as the primary user.

Note: Injured workers cannot add secondary users to their e-accounts. However, they can authorize online designees to act on their behalf.

Create e-Account

Online designee

An online designee is anyone (family member, spouse, friend, attorney, etc.) you authorize to access personal, secure information on BWC's Web site. This means the online designee can act on your behalf online, i.e. file a BWC form. Online designees only have this type of access on this Web site. They cannot represent you at any hearings or receive copies of any correspondence from BWC unless they are a legal representative.

To delete an online designee, you will need to follow the instructions listed below.
  • Click on the checkmark next to Delete Designee Associations.
  • Read the information under How to end a relationship with an online designee.
  • Click on Delete a Designee.

Legal authorized representatives

Injured workers and employers have the right to hire an authorized representative or third party administrator (TPA) to represent them in workers' compensation matters. BWC has approved these individuals or entities through our formal authorization process. You cannot add, change or terminate an authorized representative through this Web site. However, you can get the information you need to begin the process here.

Begin process now.

Whether you are an injured worker or employer, if BWC has approved your legal authorized representative, you do not have to make them an online designee. BWC will automatically recognize that existing relationship. However you must create an e-account for yourself before your representative can access your information online.

If your legal representative has not been formally authorized by BWC, you can still make them an online designee until BWC completes the authorization process. You can
add or delete an online designee through this Web site. All designees must be registered with BWC first. Then you can add them to your e-account as an online designee, which gives them access to all of your secure information online.

Finally, if you dismiss your legal authorized representative, you must delete that representative as an online designee. Simply dismissing a representative in writing does not terminate access to secure information on our Web site. You must delete the online designee from your e-account to terminate online access.